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Tradeskills, Dragons what more could you want?

Try 6 Dragons mud.........

We are the cutting edge for medieval smaug codebase games.

Currently we have 3 choices:
Baker - Gather ingriedients, and bake food that increases health regeneration or mix drinks that increase mana regeneration.
Blacksmith - Mine different types of ore, and forge them into weapons/armor.
Tanner - Hunt animals, and tan their hides into various leather equipment.

Players can level up to level 20 in any given tradeskill, earning crafting points.

At anytime if you do not like your trade, you can unlearn it, and chose another.
That decision is not made recklessly though, as it is not easy to level to level 20.

We are also one of the few muds to have realistic dragons, that grow and get more
powerful as the game goes on.

Experienced players/New players we have something for everyone, our interactive
tutorial gives a tour of your new homeland, and a little information on the game storyline.
Much praise has been given to it from many players.

We have true multiclass, from level 1, you can chose up to 3 different classes to
multiclass. We also have a expratio command that lets you divert a percentage
of exp to each class totalling 100% so you can control which class levels and when.
You also can level 1 class up to 8 levels higher then the other 2 if you wish, deadly
players often do this for strategy as only your overall level shows up in the who command.

Deadlies and Peacefuls can both join clans.

Players that are invis cannot be seen by lower level players, even with detect invis,
until they are the same level or higher.

Our game is chocked full of quests, if you like quests we have a custom quest journal
that keeps track of your status in the quests.

Give us a try you will find yourself a 6 Dragons addict in no time.

6 Dragons
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Re: Tradeskills, Dragons what more could you want?

Hello! I have played on 6 Dragons for about a year. The staff here are visible and helpful, routinely fix bugs and typos, and they make an effort to make everyone feel welcome. Many unusual races are well developed. The top feature, as you might guess from the name, is dragons. Dragons play like one might wish - very powerful, and unable to wear most gear. Humanoids have triple classing as an equalizer. I concur with the other guy who posted.

Come by and check it out!
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