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A poll to follow my post
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My reaction would really depend on whether the couple was engaging in detailed mudsex or not.

If they're goin at it hot and heavy then I'd dump the bastard, since he obviously likes 1 handed typing better than anything I might ever do for him anyway.

However, if they do a lot of "fade to black" stuff, I really couldn't care less. I'd give him the same chance I'd expect him to give me in that situation.

Only problem is figuring out whether he's telling me the truth when I ask him if they have mudsex or not.
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Eh...I'd have to say pretty much the same, although I wouldn't leave him for sure if he were doing mudsex with an online g/f.
But if he was spending more time with this online g/f than with me, I'd probably leave him. After all, if he's ignoring me over this person he's (hopefully) never met IRL, then he obviously wouldn't mind if I just left the picture entirely. At least, that's what I'd assume..
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Well, when I used to be RP admin on a MUSH, I had this problem. What I did was inform both MS'ers that their birth control had failed, and they would be parents of septuplets.
Never had a problem since then.
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My 'IC' wife is my RL fiancee. I know offMUD, she's married to/about to marry someone else ([Not a MUD, actually Sims Online, but the principle is the same), but I care not a fig. But hey, I trust her. She flirts with people online whether I'm there or not. Not as some attention seeking device, but because it's funny. I have to agree, and I'm not even slightly worried she's about to run off with some unknown guy from Utah. ;)

So, yeah, there's the word of the day. 'Trust'. If you can't trust your RL SO, I think you're gonna have to lock her in the basement or something.
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