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Arrow RP Staff Wanted!

Maratha is an original-themed fantasy MUCK exploring the intersection between order and chaos, civilization and lawlessness. Each side is defined by the magic behind it -- the sun's power, embodiment of order and life, manipulated in the drawing and casting of glyphic spells; and the dark, chaotic energies of comets, which cannot be tapped and used, but instead taint and twist what they touch into something far wilder.

Just over fifty years ago, one such comet fell to earth, crashing into the jungles far south of Maratha. In the decades since, its power has stretched out over surrounding lands, touching both body and mind of every living thing within its reach. Flora and fauna alike become more and more dangerous the further south one goes -- which is why no one sane goes south. There is trouble enough just within the city of Maratha, teeming with refugees as well as born citizens, itself touched by the comet's taint. Some are born aberrant, as much beast as human -- in appearance, in mentality, or even both. Some have been changed. And some don't yet know they've been affected.

Civilization itself is failing, as lawlessness stares in from beyond the city walls; while Maratha's mages and soldiers seem to have bought the city breathing space, time in which to find a solution, those who have drawn the line know it can't last. The search is quietly desperate -- for if civilization falls, it may be forever lost.

Presently, Maratha is looking for staffers who would be interested in helping the game flourish. Were a recent addition to the MU*ing community with a very small player base, something wed like to see change over the coming months. Anyone who would enjoy roleplaying in a detailed, original fantasy world is welcome -- either as a staff applicant or not! The following positions are open, in order of need: running TPs and promoting RP, advertising, newbie help, application review, and wiki maintenance. Prior staff experience is not as important as interest and enthusiasm.

For more information, please visit: and People interested in characters and/or staff positions are invited to connect to 6888 and speak with Ashe, or to send email to

-- Ashe
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