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Haven's Crazy Powerful Hookups

Haven has exactly what you've been looking for. Haven has features which other muds don't even try to manage. You should fire up your favorite mud client and drop in soonly.


Well, I've run numerous searches here and on TMC, posted sad little pleas on both sites and spent hours on muds which almost --almost!-- came close to what I've been looking for but somehow never managed to bring it all together. So what does Haven do which other muds don't?

First, it issues a kind of challenge. At the outset you can only roll a handful of Haven's character races and a goodly number of its classes, and these give most players a good sense of what is possible on the mud, while giving the player a bowlful of adventure, danger and fun, as well as giving you a sense of how magic and combat work. But once you break 25th level, thus accruing a certain game currency known as DP or "development points", you unlock the remainder of the game's races and classes. Thus, you can play a nosferatu cavalier (nosferatu are semi-vampiric creatures who live in creepy Grimxoria and while fun are also difficult to play.) or muezzein druids, who are generally good or neutral and remind one more than a little bit of Ewoks. In total, haven has roughly 20 playable character races and more than twenty starting towns, each with their own logic and "floor plan".

So,you say, we've seen this sort of thing before. What else have you got?

Well, one thing which impresses me is the fact that you get experience for nearly everything you do, from fishing to mining to skewering an opponent with a fencing sword. Magic spells, too, work this way and experience is granted based upon the level and difficulty of the spell being cast.

Magic is an important part of Haven, and it doesn't look like the same tiresome old book of D and D spells --Magic Missile, Ventriloquate, Armour, etc.-- which you've seen on Dikus since you were old enough to GET DAGGER and WEAR SHIELD. Sure, there are spells which do the same things, or nearly the same things, but magic works a lot differently on Haven. First, there are spheres of magic, and spells often require that you've studied two or more spheres to a certain level in order to cast the spell you want. It all sounds complicated, but the game flow naturally sees to it that you pick up the skills you need, so you'll probably never be in a situation where you're in a battlefield and suddenly remember that you never learned Enchantment up to level 14 or something. ON the other hand, some things really are more difficult about spellcasting on Haven. When you first learn, say, Fireball, using your new spell is more than a matter of running out to the nearest orc and frying him with it. There's a Fire Magic skill to train up to make it more effective, as well as some beginning stumbles to burn through before you're really proficient at the spell. Once you've gotten through these, though, you're well on your way towards becoming a powerful Enchanter / Evoker / Necromancer / Conjuror --and I hear that Illusionists are in the works.

But that's not not all there is to Haven. If you make it to level 50, providing you have not spent any DP, you can unlock the multiclass option, which allows, say, your cavalier to meld with cleric traits in order to become a newly minted paladin. Or your enchanter to absorb acrobat skills in order to become a powerful wiley trickster. There are more than a score of these crazy powerful multiclass options and they're waiting for you at Haven.

But this is all propaganda from a committed player. Why not drop in and say hello? Haven has a small player base which appears to be growing these days. It's been around since the mid '90's and shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. There's an active OOC channel for jokes, gossip, questions and just saying hey. Do a who command once you're 2nd level andI'll tell you more, if you like. The mood is friendly and casual, so don't be shy. And don't mind Arcturus too much. He's full of himself, like all Kylin worshippers, but he'll leave you alone as long as you don't accidentally do something lethal. Cheers!

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