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End of Time - Event Quests!

I thought I would create this thread in order to periodically update on events or staff ran quests we have coming up. I will take to just replying to this thread when there is a new one coming up instead of creating a new one.

With that said, we will be holding our first official event on Wednesday, February 13th at approximately 6:30pm. I hope to be able to hold an event every Wednesday night with once a month or two, a bigger event culminating from these events.

Here is the official promotion for the event:

We will be hosting our first official Roleplay / Quest event this coming Wednesday night. You don't have to RP to participate, but this will be our attempt at getting official RP and interaction kicked off. There will be a specific event ran for the story, along with misc activities after. QP and gil (money) will be the main rewards, although other little goodies aren't out of the question.

I will be aiming to get this kicked off at approximately 6:30 CST.

The theme is investigating numerous disappearances of ordinary citizens that have been occurring on the Trade Isles. The local and regional authorities are stumped, and it's up to YOU to help solve this mystery. Who is the culprit, are the victims still alive?

Hope to see you there!

You can connect to End of Time through host and either through port 23 or 4000.

More infomation on the game can be found at:
End of Time MUD
The Mud Connector | Text-Game Listing for End of Time
MUDBytes Community - Mudlist
End of Time | MudGamers
End of Time is a Final Fantasy (Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Secret of Mana)-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 2005.
End of Time - MUD Wiki
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