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Newworlds will become famous soon enoughNewworlds will become famous soon enough
Exclamation The Sea and Ship Yards

"Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me!"

How about sailing on a huge yacht for deep sea fishing with a captain's quarters, galley, hold, banquet room and deck that can have a crew of up to fifteen? Or perhaps flying across the waters in a fast cutter with mariner bows and cross bows at the helm? Or sailing the whaling lanes in a sloop with harpoons amid shark infested and pirate roaming high seas! Or perhaps joining a merchant mariner on a cargo run to different sea ports and facing an armada of pirates?

All this and more are available in the amazingly unique, exciting, and fun addition of a full compliment of ships, armament, islands, and far off shores of the Seas of New Worlds. It is even possible to board pirates, combat them, sink them, or be boarded in turn by pirates or other enemies. Grappling and midship combat as well as fleet and armada combat are possible with Players or against NPC enemies, including whales!

Some of the features are listed here:

* Deep sea fishing with over 25 varieties of fish and shark.
* Multiple room ships.
* Varying weapons on board. (Up to the 9 weapons on the large war craft).
* Varying speeds and hull strength.
* All types and sizes and prices of ships. (Even affordable for relatively new players).
* Ships ranging from the two man dingy to the fifteen crew Yacht.
* Caravan cargo shipments to distant ports.
* Merchant Guild (player) controlled buying, selling, and modifications.
* Unique naming for your ship as well as modification ability for deck and rooms.
* Dry docking (saving) of your ship and all enhancements.
* The ability to combat monsters, other players, and other ships from within your ship.

A few quotes from Players of NW on the high seas:

"Painful nasty death has never been more exciting!" - a Dahkoar Cleric

"That's not a cannon ball, that's a pirate's head? Put it down!" - a Merchant

"It is the first fishing game I have found that actually gives blind players a good chance to react in time to a fighting fish" - a Fighter

"Creative, with the potential for amazing things and already the possibility of encounters so far unrealized in New Worlds in specific and Mudding in general." - a Waylumi Cleric

"An addition that not only gives the single player endless hours of fun, but also highly encourages group participation as weapons are loaded, pirate ships evaded and islands explored." - a Druid

If you are a roleplayer and like adventure and the high seas, come join us for a tour of the land. You might find it as exciting as others and you might find yourself in Davy Jones' Locker, Arr ye matey!

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