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Okay, starting in a few weeks(months), Im going to be taking some classes in coding, internet networking, and all the other stuff people need to be big bad computer wizes.

In the meantime, and as something I thought would be fun, I want to make my own little mud to run on my computer to toy around with while I take my classes and to EVENTUALLY (years if not more), when I think I can take it, put it out for others to play. So my question...

To start off Im looking for a codebase. Now dont get all weird on me with a bunch of funky words and stuff. Im just -looking for a codebase, and dont even really need to know where to download it. I just want to know what I should use for what Im trying to do, so I can research into it, explore muds that use it and ask questions related to it.

Im going for a leveless, skill-based system. If any of you TEC (the-eternal-city), people hang out here, thats the feel Im going for: you pick a class, start with some basic skills, then you work your way up, using skill-points to purchase new abilities. Now the TEC system seems pretty endless, and sky is the limit on how high you can train your skills. I dont really need that, but something where it actually takes time and work to get your characters up a good deal (ArmageddonMUD, Harshlands, Elwar.) Places like that.

So, if there is any custom, or stock base that is anything like that could someone hook me up with a website to go to? Or some sort of message board or something?

Thank you. And feel free to post any clarifications, I know it looks like a bunch of rabble.
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Originally Posted by
So, if there is any custom, or stock base that is anything like that could someone hook me up with a website to go to?
Unfortunately, all the good MUDs use (surprise, surprise! ) either custom codebases not available for distribution, or stock codebases with basically all of the game logic and areas rewritten (modifications not available for distribution). This is true of all the MUDs you mentioned in your post.

Making a MUD whose quality is comparable to the MUDs you mentioned requires literally years of work by experienced and creative individuals.

Originally Posted by
Im going for a leveless, skill-based system.
There are no codebases that come with such a system out-of-box. IIRC, there was a stock mod floating around for a DIKU derivative to make it levelless, but the one I remember was a crude hack, with skill levels still being represented by percentages.

LPMUDs implement such systems more commonly, but they all tend to have mudlibs written either from scratch, starting with the 3.2.1 Amylaar mudlib (might as well be scratch), or Lima mudlib (might as well be scratch).

In short, if you want to write a MUD that emulates custom (more or less) unique MUDs that have had years of work put into them, you'll need to write your own custom (more or less) unique MUD and put years of work into it .

As for recommending a codebase to start messing around with when you have absolutely 0 knowledge of coding, I'd recommend that you first try coding on a MUD that you play on under the supervision of experienced coders. If you absolutely *MUST* try it out on your own, however, you'll probably be best off with learning on MUDOS with the Lima mudlib (easiest LPMUD to setup). LPC is pointerless language that's higher-level than C, not nearly as bulky as C++, and very easy to learn. The development environment of an LPMUD is newbie friendly, as you won't need to mess with a compiler, Makefiles, and whatever have you. You also won't need to re-compile (or even restart) the MUD in order to see your code take effect. Quick feedback is essential for beginners, IMO.

Anyway, you can find it all at
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