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Just when you thought it couldn't be possible to add more combinations to our already vast repetoire we went and did it again.  

Like a beam of light hitting a prism, our ranger class has been split into a thousand beams of brilliantly colored....alright even I can't stand it anymore.

We split rangers up!  It's very cool and of course has resulted in an explosion of said class in our playerbase.  Come check it out!

Outdoorsmen, hunters, masters of woodcraft, rangers are the guardians of the wild. In addition to having excellent fighting skills, many are also wielders of some powerful magic. Some rangers have been known to imitate the ferociousness of beasts, fashion mystical staves, and be able to camouflage beyond detection. Their ability to ambush opponents makes them deadly foes. Rumors say they most commonly practice in the forest west of Galadon, north of Arkham, south of Tir-Talath, and in the Emerald Forest.

While rangers most commonly roam the forests and woodlands, rangers thrive in a variety of environments, both harsh and mild. The forests, plains, marshes, deserts, mountains, caves, and seas are all the domain of the ranger, although each calls one home above all the rest.

Rangers also boast a variety of expertise; rugged survivalist, the well- traveled explorer, the cunning hunter, the fierce savage, the wild beastmaster, and the mystical animist.

The prime stat of a Ranger is Strength though humans and half-breeds can choose their prime stat, and some of their abilities are: Fashion Staff, Ambush, Camouflage, Herbs, Bark Skin, Butcher, and Creep.

Rangers generally become more comfortable with their skills as they spend more and more time within the wilderness, away from cities.

Cloud Giants, Humans, Elves, Wood-Elves, Half-Elves, Half-Drows and Felar make versatile rangers. Storm Giants, Fire Giants, Dark-Elves, Arials, Gnomes, and Svirfneblin can also become rangers with certain restrictions.


Here is our helpfile for rangers alluding to the different styles and expanded race choices.  You can visit our official website to learn more, or better yet.  Come and play.

See you in the fields!
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