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Keljorian is on a distinguished road
I am a head builder don't know a thing about code. But I was wondering how hard it would be to have a mob pop up randomly in random areas, that is aggresive and based against the stats of the character.

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Kinda depends on what codebase you are using...

If you are on rom, and you have a decent set of progs, it's possible, but really kludgy. You could put a room prog in every room with a random chance to trigger and load a mob that corresponds to the level of the player in the room. That's a lot of rprogs.

If it's not rom... dunno
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Old 05-02-2002, 06:01 AM   #3
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As mentioned depending on the mud type you are running, this could be anywhere from easy to moderate. With Diku-Derivs alot of them have *progs which allow you to use a generic scripting language. I know in Circle, DGScripts has a trigger suited quite nice:

Description: This trigger is called each time the zone of the room it is attached to is reset.
Argument: Not used.
Numeric Argument: The chance this trigger will run when it is checked.
Return value: Not used.
Variables: None.

If you are planning on using other than a Diku-Deriv then it can be easy too.. in an LPC based mud it's quite simple, just a nested switch in the create() of your room. Abermud and Mordor would probably have to be hardcoded (unless you have pDirt abermud)..

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On a note for ROM, if it was rom, my personal preferance would be to build 1 rprog(if it has rprogs) and then when the area is complete, get the coder to throw it into the db.c, so it fills each of those rooms in the area with it(or make a command that would span the rprog throughout the area)

just my thoughts, as thats how i would do it.
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Old 05-02-2002, 08:47 AM   #5
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I've seen a much simpler way of doing this.. not entirely random, but close.

Create a room, in this room add only one way exits/portals to differing sections of your game.  Have the mob reset in this room, and when he starts to wander, he'll use one of those exits to leave, thereby appearing in several different areas.

Hrm. This doesn't solve the stats of the character though. Sorry, I should have more caffiene before posting.
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