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Ted here.. long time lurker, first time poster! I'm a "grizzled veteran" of MUDS, going "way back" to 1991. I've mostly spent my time playing on LP Muds, especially DGD muds, which I still have a fondness for. I've tried to play ROM/Diku style muds before, most notably Bad Trip, but I just didn't feel as attached to the game as I did with an LP.

I've spent a few years idling over at EOTL as Toast and/or Santa and now I'm wanting to dive back into casual playing. I've grabbed Mushclient, I like the fact that it's free, and now I'm hoping to be able to find some code snippets around or GUI interfaces so I can "fancy" it up.

Anyway, I'm glad to see MUDS are still kicking around. I'm actually looking for an open-themed/multi-themed mud that doesn't mind me idling 90% of the time. I especially enjoy muds that have everything from a Pizza Hut to a Dragon (I'm almost positive I played on a MUD that had both). Feel free to drop me a link. Whore out your MUD to me, I don't mind.
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Re: Hello!

Huh. Dgd. That's not a name I see often. I thought there were only like 5 Dgd muds, ever.

There's 3 kingdoms, which does in fact have science fiction, fantasy, and "chaos", which is everything that doesn't fit into either of those. It's not exactly casual, though, in that eq doesn't save over logoff or reboot, so you kinda have to do enough to make gains outweigh the losses of eq. It's actually fun, in a way.

Alter aeon is casual, but is 99.9% fantasy. There's some sci-fi references floating around and stuff, but 99.9% fantasy. Still, probably worth a look, as it can be as casual as you want it to be--the primary reason I play it right now is that I need to be able to log on for an hour or less at a time. It's also the most balanced mud I've ever seen, ever (seriously, some day, I want to know his secret. but it's probably just running a mud for 18 years).

Beyond that, the rest of the muds I like or have liked are not casual, not by any stretch of the imagination.

My mud, which exists only in my imagination, is not casual. Given that it exists only in my imagination, I can only advertise it in my imagination, so...I think I'll forgo that part of your offer. If you're curious, telnet to my imagination, and play away. O, and if you figure out how to do that, conveniently let me know before you patent that technology so I can get rich.
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Molly will become famous soon enoughMolly will become famous soon enough
Re: Hello!

Hello, Ted!

Welcome back to the madhouse of Text Muds.
It seems you are not the only veteran finding your way back to the roots, a number of our own grizzled oldtimers have started to drizzle in lately...

Anyhow - it sounded almost like you described 4 Dimensions. so, if you think you can live with a heavyly modified Circle, you should give it a try. We are a Timetravel mud, so we really have everything from dragons to pizza. We also have ancient Egypt and Greece, cowboys and indians, dinosaurs and starships...

And casual is our middle name.

Oh, and I forgot - You should also have a look at the GUI snippet that KaVir developed for Mushclient. It's also free, and we're using it in 4D. I just love the sidebar maps myself.
(There is a sceenshot on our website, at 4Dimensions | the online multiplayer text-based RPG )

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Re: Hello!


If you give Alter Aeon a look, you may want to forgo mushclient and use our custom client instead. It's got all the fancy stuff built in, including audio if you want it, and you can configure all the way down to nothing if that's your thing. As Camlorn mentioned earlier, we probably fit your bill and we'd be happy to have you even if you're just idling.

The link to our custom client downloads page is:

The 1094 version comes in both macos and win32 flavors, but we don't yet have a linux version that actually works reliably on different machines.

Take care,


Alter Aeon MUD
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Newworlds will become famous soon enoughNewworlds will become famous soon enough
Re: Hello!

Hello hello Toast,

Always cool to see someone around who's been around for so long. Welcome here and back again, Mr. Baggins.
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