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Post List of Windows compatible Codebases

So I've lately been working on making my own MUD, but naturally the first step was to find the right code-base.
I realised, there didn't seem to be a lot of support for what I was looking for though. MU* stuff, being old as it is, there's a lot of relics around and it's all a bit much to shift through.

So anyway here's a list! If anyone has anything to add to this list please tell me! Try to also tell me what features that codebase has, as in what makes it good to use.
Listed MUD's need to be compatible with Windows.
Ideally all the items would be modern and easy to use,(People like me are lazy these days, can't even use UNIX) but as long as it works on Windows it's all good.
  • ~Evennia: My current favourite, uses Python, comes with it's own Web client and web page built in. It does depend on stuff like Twisted though(Which can be a pain to set up) and is pretty bare bones in terms of scripts/mechanics. It has very good support though.
  • Dead Souls 3: Works right out of the box, comes with races and RPG mechanics.
  • *Fuzzball MUCK: Seems to work, maybe not the best thing.
  • Dawn Of Time: (Need to do more testing)
  • ~Coffee MUD: Runs on Java, comes with inbuilt races/RPG mechanics, and click-able links for items and such in game.


~ Personal recommendation
* Might be a bit old/lacks support/outdated.

I'd also like to hear what people's personal favourites are, what do you think are good for new/lazy people, so on so forth.
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Re: List of Windows compatible Codebases

I love Dead Souls (, I think). It has a ton of features built in, of which I'm not going to list. It's been a while since played around with it, so I don't remember. But there's tons of help (built in intermud chat, forums, tons of documentation, etc)
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