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Lightbulb Looking for a place to be creative with a modern LPmud? Try Nightfall!


Are you looking for a modern LP-style mudlib allowing you to create your very own areas? Do you like a nearly absurd mix of themes ranging from medieval Camelot to classical high fantasy elves to the USS Enterprise and Monty Python’s Flying Circus? Would you like to create an interesting quest for people who bring up the patience to do more than just hack’n’slash?

Then Nightfall might be the place for you. We currently use LDmud 3.3.720 and our own mudlib, which continuously evolved since 1993 and offers 99.9% of all features one would want in a new area.

The game is divided into domains with their own respective theme (high fantasy with Elves, Orcs and everything else you do not want, Middle Ages, ‘Daydream’ with a very special mix, Norse and oriental mythology etc.), but these domains are interconnected and it is not uncommon that players have to travel from the elvish town of Wooden City via the oriental-themed El Essaman to Trondheim in Valhalla in order to solve a quest.

Players may choose from and switch at any time between a variety of guilds giving them advanced fighting capabilities (much like classes in other MUDs) such as Paladins, Conjurers, Archmages, Vampires, Rogues, Druids or Bards.

Our player base is rather small (five to ten players at most), but very interested and due to geographic diversity in connection with sometimes weird sleeping patterns, there’s nearly always someone available to answer questions.

If you run any modern unix, you can also use a special FUSE filesystem to present Nightfall’s code in your local directory tree, making coding very comfortable.

Of course, there is a catch: In order to become a wizard (coder/builder), you will have to reach level 21 as an ordinary player first (and find someone to mentor you, but that shouldn’t be a problem). This rule was put in place to make sure that new wizards know the game at least partially and have a proper feeling for the dynamics of combat, NPCs and areas.

You can reach us any time by dropping by at port 4242 or by querying Claudius@Nightfall via imud 2 or 3.

Best regards,

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