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im wanting to get into MUDs, and have been searching all day for one. ive found several that appeal to my tastes (typical fantasy/medievil, where i can play as a pixie/fairie/sprite thing). but im having a problem. on all the ones ive tried, as soon as i get past the password stage, nothing i type appears in the box, but when i press enter, it enters what i had typed anywhere, and its very annoying, cos i dont know if what ive typed is correct. is there any universal way to get this changed?
also, is there a list of codes and stuff anywhere that work on all MUDs, cos none of the ones ive found provide a list of codes to use, and im finding it really hard to figure out what buttons to press to do something.

thanks in advance
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Hi Fishyfins.

It sounds like you are logging on with a telnet client, is that correct? I remember not being able to see what I wrote in telnet, though I confess it has been several years since I used it last.

What I would suggest you do is to download a MUD client, and log on to your mud with that. Zmud is my personal favourite, but you have to pay for it, once the trial runs out. I have heard good things about the GMud client, but have no personal experience with it. There is also JMC (Java Mud Client), which is nice because it is simple and annoying because it is... well, simple.

In terms of learning how to play a mud, and what commands to type (I assume that is what you mean by codes?), you need to find a mud with a good newbie-friendly system.

I think Legends of Karinth may be a good place to start. They have an extensive and carefully explained newbie guide here, and all commands are available in the website's  reference library.  They also have a help channel where you can ask questions, and a pbase and staff that seems friends and  ready to help you on your way.
Only downside is I don't think you can play a pixie there. A winderling may come close though.

Another option is Shattered Kingdoms. They have sprites there, but it is a roleplay enforced mud, which may not be your thing, and may be tough as first mud. Their helpfiles are available on their website here, and there is a newbie guide available there. In game, there is a newbie-walkthrough in every kingdom, explaining the basic commands, and a mentor command, which sends a message to someone in your kingdom about you needing help.


Of very very basic commands, the  ones you need to know to get around on any mud, is direction (type east, west, north, south - and sometimes northeast, northwest etc.). Usually, these directions are shown under exit:, below the room description.

You also need basic communication commands. Say (your message) typically reaches anyone in the same room as you. Tell (receiver) (message) sends your message to the person you are sending the tell to. There are also sometimes channels that you can ask for help. Some muds have a newbie channel (newbie (message)). Others have a help channel (help (message), but all these things should be explained in your mud's newbie area.

I hope this helped you a bit. And welcome to the mud community!
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The telnet program I used to use before I used zMud had a setting called "local echo" or something like that. I think if it is on then you see what you type.

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Old 06-22-2006, 09:56 PM   #4
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Jazuela will become famous soon enoughJazuela will become famous soon enough
Definitely use a "client" which is software that works with telnet. Telnet is the mini-program that comes with your computer, that youv'e been using to access games. Zmud, MushClient, Gmud, are all good. Get the free versions to start with. Zmud you can download from and look for older versions which they offer free (and unsupported).

Common commands for non-MUSH games (I don't know how MUSHes work, never played any):

Directionals - n/s/e/w and some have ne, se, sw, nw. u/d. Some have "enter building" and some have "go door" instead. Look at the room descriptions to figure out what's in each room and what kinds of entrances might be there for you to try out.

Then there's kill, flee, stand, sit, say, and some have act while others have emote.

Big bit of advice for you: Don't play ANY game that doesn't have a website with topics that help you learn about the game. Topics might be:

About our game
Character development/creation

Not all games will include all these topics, and they won't all be called exactly what I typed. But you get the idea. If they don't give you information about all this stuff on the website, don't play the game. It will take you longer to figure stuff out than it'll take you to play, and that'll just **** you off and make you want to try <groan/hurl/puke/shudder> graphics.
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Old 06-23-2006, 02:16 AM   #5
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The problem is default windows telnet doesnt seem to respond to the telnet code to turn the language back on. (I know this makes no sense, but go try out a bunch of stock dikus, circlemuds, rivers of mud, etc, and you'll see it happening.) I just removed the hiding text code completely from our game. We're rank 15 so I think you would have tried us out. Was it still missing for you?
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I would suggest any one of the Iron Realms games for a beginner. They practically baby step you through the beginning mud commands. Try

Its my favorite of their games. Connect to their game using their Java mud client, Nexus. Click the purple play now button. You dont have to download anything, it just uses your java client. You should have no problems getting into the game.

BEWARE! It is a pay for perks game, you DONT have to pay to play, but if you do pay for credits you have a heightened advantage in pk. Im just recommending it to help you learn the basics.
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Old 06-23-2006, 10:27 PM   #7
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Speaking of client software...  While Zmud is what I use, my favorite freeby is called MUSHclient.

If you pay, they disable the annoying 10 second wait period...  But really, how bad is that?  Anyhow... Just a thought.  It works just fine for MUDS by the way, don't be fooled by the name.

Hrm, after reviewing the web page I do not find a comment about it being free anymore.... Might try it anyhow.
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