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Old 09-11-2002, 08:48 PM   #1
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Alright, this doesn't really belong is a forum for roleplaying, but it pertains to inside the mudding world. Move this post if you want, but I really didn't think an on-topic thing belonged in the tavern.

Alright, so the question. Does food affect your character?
I'm not talking like "Oh, my druid is a vegetarian" I'm talking:
-Eating too much fatty things will hurt you from cholesterol.
-If you ate something bland, your fighting prowess will be worse than if you ate something tasty.
-Eating the same thing over and over will have negative affects.
Oh, and if you so choose to reply, does anyone's 'create food' spell make anything besides a mushroom except Godwars\Dystopia thingamagiger?

I'm not suggesting anything, but I'd like to know how big of a role eating really is for some of you.

And if you play multiple things, try and use common judgement as to which is more beneficial to my inquiry.
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Old 09-12-2002, 10:28 AM   #2
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In the mud I play, it doesn't really matter what you eat, although different foods fill you up in different amounts. For instance, a 6 finger dwarf may only be able to eat a few slices of tomato, while a 250 finger braman (kind of like intelligent elephants) can easily eat 20 tomatoes when slightly hungry. People tend to mostly eat simple foods like fruits/veggies, and roasts or steaks, although foods like ratatouille, mulberry pie, and spaghetti with Alfredo sauce are craftable. Some people play vegetarians and such, but what you eat makes no difference to anything but RP, unless of course for some reason you eat bleach or dead man's finger.

As for drinking, pretty much the same as above, except for alcoholic beverages. Different drinks produce different amounts of drunkenness, and how drunk your char gets and how long he stays drunk depends on what his stats are. It used to be that quitting and logging in again made you sober, but they recently fixed that to be a bit more realistic. So the 6 finger dwarf in the above example may very well be drunk for 2 RL days. It's also possible to die of alcohol poisoning, and if you're totally wasted you can pass out just from shouting or picking up a moneybag.

As for your other question, we don't have a create food (or water) spell. All our food and drink is created by crafting, which gets too convoluted to discuss here (unless you really really want me to ).
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Old 09-12-2002, 11:39 AM   #3
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You have to eat on the mud I play on and it does affect things. If you never eat you'll starve to death. On your way to death from starvation your stats will become progressively weaker as you succumb to the hunger monster. These stats can be recovered if you go through a period of eating normally again for a while. Also, if my PC is hungry and I'm carrying a heavy load I might start losing extra stamina points as his body weakens. It's not bad though... I've never had a PC die because he just couldn't afford a scrap of food. Worst comes to the worse just hit the streets in some rags and beg your arse off. Other players will probably just give you a few coins to stop bugging them

Any mud gone so far to have food digestion code followed by the required use of the 'defecate' command I wonder...? Hmm... maybe some things are better left off-screen no matter how much of an RPI the mud is.
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Old 09-12-2002, 11:40 AM   #4
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We've tweaked this somewhat: your size affects how much you can eat and drink, and there's, by my last count, some 20 food types, each with their own taste message.

One of the tweaks I've been pleased by is what you mention - making the products of the create food spell vary according to guild, race, etc: the food produced by a templar's create food spell, for example, is very different than that produced by a nomad. We;ve done the same with some other spells - create mount differs according to the guild of the caster, create wine can be affected by your clan, etc. It's little changes like this that really please me.

Do people have to pay attention to what they eat? No, although they do have to eat to stay alive. But for the people who've decided their character only likes sweet things or whatever, there's plenty of options. And adding in the cooking code has made it even more diverse, as well as putting special scripts on some items, like hot peppers, which make the consumer break out into a sweat.
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Old 09-12-2002, 06:41 PM   #5
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Well, if you're going to get into what's healthy and what isnt, dont go by modern standards. Good example is noe-lithic man and early man..sure, they ate enough fatty foods DAILY to make a health-concious-0% body fat guru go into a cornary, but they stayed healthy due to alot of work (more than the most hadrest working modern human goes through). Life expetancy was low, true, but not from heart attacks and not having foods with oxodiers and guarana, mostly from wild animals gangin up on them or competive humans. As for my characters? Ehh..sometimes I RP their habits..I mean you wont find a feline eating leafy greens, but wont find some elf going total carnivore with lizard tartar either.
Just depends on the player I guess..
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Old 09-13-2002, 01:13 AM   #6
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At our MUD, food affects nothing that has to do with roleplay. Not eating or drinking slows down your healing rate, but that is OOC. People who eat in roleplay just do it because.
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Old 09-15-2002, 01:49 AM   #7
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Newbies are safe on our mud from dying from lack of food and water, but after a certain point you will dehydrate or starve to death. Besides that it affects little.

Vampires on our mud can drink blood from fountains, and the blood will sate their hunger and thirst better than anything. They don't die from a lack of blood though.

I've seen spam on a mud, in place of magic mucshrooms. One mud had random things, birds nest soup, chow mein, a steak, carrots etc etc.
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Old 09-15-2002, 08:28 AM   #8
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Molly will become famous soon enoughMolly will become famous soon enough
One aspect of this is that most players seem to detest the 'You are hungry/thirsty' messages. I never really understood why, it can't be all that hard to type 'eat pie'? And unless the messages are set to occur so often that it gets spammy, it makes perfect sence to me, that hunger and thirst should affect you negatively. In our mud you don't die from it, but sometimes I am tempted to implement that...

Being a food fan myself, I put plenty of food in the zones, so there is no need to starve. You don't even need to buy the food, you can pick berries, nuts, mushrooms and roots, or fish and hunt. But you can also dine in style on roast venison and a noble Bourdeaux wine, or satisfy your taste for junkfood in our Future zones.

We try to make the food supply correspond with the theme for the zone of course, so on a Greek island you'd eat things like shrimps, marinated octopus, moussaka and shishkebab and drink retsina, and in an Old West diner perhaps baked beans, ham and pancakes with maple syrup to your strong coffee. And in Ancient Egypt you'd feast on antelope steak and cinnamon flavoured honey cookies and drink the famous Egyptian Elephantine Beer (yes, the old Egyptians did have beer).

It should all add to the Roleplay in my opinion. Maybe a mud with a more restricted theme would also have to have a more restricted menue, but our mud is after all based on Time Travel, so the variety makes perfect sense to me.
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Old 09-15-2002, 12:46 PM   #9
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Well...the MUD I played on didn't really do much in the way of hunger and thirst stuff. There was food, sure. But not eating for say....the entire time your char was in existance didn't make the char lose stats or drop dead from hunger. Of course...I haven't played for a while, so it could have changed.

Since it was IC for my char's race to do so, usually I'd have her go on an eating binge every so often and then just have her nibble at food when she thought about it the rest of the time.

Of course, there were things set so that it'd seem more realistic (e.g., Bards singing for long periods of time and losing their voices for a while if they didn't drink anything.) But pretty much, what you ate/drank and how much was up to you.
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Old 09-15-2002, 07:15 PM   #10
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At the mud I play you can make anything you want with create food

I've made a gargoyle that ate nothing but edible rocks
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Old 09-18-2002, 03:08 PM   #11
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On my mud, different types of food make no real difference. Basically, you eat anything that IDs as food when you're hungry. Different foods satiate you at different levels, but that's about it. Starvation is a slow, painful process, and has lead to a lot of people being on the brink of unconsciousness- they're on 0 hp, then they regenerate back to 1 every tick, but at the same time they lose hit points and are stuck on unconsciousness until aided. It's a pain.
Drink has little effect too, except alcohol. Alcohol makes you walk funny, throw up and burp, fall over periodically, and type terribly on roomchat. As a newbie, I remember getting very depressed and buying as much alcohol as i could afford, then sitting in the town square and whining until i fell unconscious. Getting sober is very hard too- it involves a long cycle of resting, eating and drinking fresh water.
Certain foods (like uncooked meat) can poison you and play hell with your mental state. Being high as a kite in my MUD is hilarious- you see little imps running around, you see things in your inventory, the pixies laugh at you, you hear the sound of your own mother crying... Scary, but very funny.

There isn't much focus on digestive realism- all foods are considered the same- but the code is nicely adapted to account for certain aspects of a culinary lifestyle.

[Modified] Also, we have create food, water, and spring spells available to us. Create food makes something boring like a loaf of bread, create water fills a container, and create spring makes, well, a magical spring (water, not boing). There is a spell that turns water into wine though.
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Old 09-24-2002, 08:10 AM   #12
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In the game I play there are amazing foods available for purchase at various places, as well as pickable fruits, and some things also get dropped by creatures or are found in treasure boxes. However, this is all there for purely RP reasons. I haven't played a MUD that allowed your character to die if you didn't eat or drink, and doubt I would. I have played some that have affects other than death, and personally I find the messaging sometimes a bit annoying.

I would like to see drinking alcoholic beverages cause various stages of drunkeness put into the game I play. It would be a lot of fun to RP, imo.
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Old 09-24-2002, 09:38 AM   #13
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Originally Posted by (Santrilla @ Sep. 18 2002,3:08 pm)
Getting sober is very hard too- it involves a long cycle of resting, eating and drinking fresh water.
Scary how close that is to reality, even though milk and coffee are better at that, at least IRL.
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Old 10-08-2002, 07:15 PM   #14
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Game design is not easy, and one of the more prevalent obstacles to negotiate is the balance of 'realism' vs 'playability'.

I remember one MUD I tried years ago that required food and water. My new character starved to death in part because the system required me to eat the RL equivalent of every 2-3 hours; also in part because coins were hard to come by and the MUD was not very newbie friendly.

One of my favorite MUDs does not require eating or drinking at all. There are several taverns, and places to purchase a wide variety of foods, but it is strictly for RP. (Except alcohol, which can make your character drunk.)

This is the way I prefer it. Of course it is not difficult to type 'eat bread' each time a hunger notice comes up. Heck, I've used triggers on MUDs that required eating and drinking.

My opinion is that eating and drinking should not be required, but a variety of appropriate comestibles be supplied to allow players the chance to RP.

"But eating and drinking is SO important! We should really include this, to make the game more realistic!"

My stock answer is this: "If its really all that important and you think it really is necessary to require it, then why not include defecation?"

The answer is not really 'because that would just be disgusting!' Rather, it is because including this feature requires additional code (with all the attendant development, debugging and tweaking times) for very little increase in the playability of the game. If a character was forced to find an outhouse or build a slit trench every so often, would this really make the game more enjoyable? It is EASILY RP'd with emotes if you so desire. ** quietly slips into the bushes for a few moments before returning. **

If a MUD has various foods and drinks available to players and they are RP'ers, they will buy, eat, and drink. Dropping the requirement doesn't hurt gameplay in my opinion; on the contrary, it may help ease MUD newbies into the environment by relieving them of the constant concern of having enough food and drink to actually PLAY.

Different flavours and emits make it an enjoyable experience for all. If a MUD desires to be RP encouraged or enforced, I believe food and drink are a wonderful addition. I just believe the game is more enjoyable without hunger and thirst nags.
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Eating and drinking, like almost any mud feature, can add to the game - and, like any feature, a poor implementation is often worse than no implementation at all. The fact that it is usually implemented poorly does not mean that it is a bad idea.
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