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Mud code bases for Unix

Hello all I would like what code bases I can run for Unix? I am currently running lambda moo on a VPS server that I have running cent OS 5 I tryed to run smaug under that and the make process would not work for us and we couldn't figure it out and I looked at LP mud but that required me to do a Make install on it cause what I have planned was run different servers for different people who want to run a mud on there accounts and I didn't think LP would work for us. So any suggestions Like I said we are new with the hole codeing thing we are useing lambda moo like i said but we won't something that is more easyer to programm in. Thanks Ke
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Re: Mud code bases for Unix

Very nearly all mud codebases run in unix environments; in fact the vast majority were developed in unix environments. But because OS environments vary, it's pretty common for there to be a few issues that must be corrected before the source will compile. As you have not provided any error messages nor version numbers it would be difficult to guess why Smaug didn't compile for you, but Smaug is probably one of the easier C mud codebases I've worked with in terms of initial setup.
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Re: Mud code bases for Unix

You should also bear in mind that lots of codebases are old and were written with old compilers which were a bit less stringent on the syntax in places. So you may need to modify the code here and there to get them to compile under a modern compiler.
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Re: Mud code bases for Unix

Sorry, just had to say it. The question is unintentionally funny. Its like asking, "Does anyone know where to find a QT based graphics library for Unix", or, "Does it support KDE". Now, if someone asked, "What code bases are around for Windows?", the answer would be more like - a handful of DB based ones, most without much language flexibility, and a lot of really bad ports of fully recodable muds, from the Unix environment, many of which, in the case of older ones, you will only find pre-compiled versions, missing color support, or whole swaths of other features. lol

I admit, its been a while since I really looked, and I was trying to set up a test server to learn the same thing as the mud I played on at the time, but the whole process of finding one for Windows was depressing.
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