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Re: How not to be still-born

Originally Posted by the_logos View Post
No reason you have to stay IC in an in-world meeting.
That depends on your vision of your world. While we may sometimes ask on a channel for input our staff try never to be OOC with players in the game world. I imagine one could also use an MOTD to relay that an OOC meeting will be held on X day at X time and do it that way.

I find that the portion of players that do visit a game's forums seem more interested in the future of the game. They take an active role in planning though their discussions.
Originally Posted by the_logos View Post
In any case, the important thing is just that you're reaching an representative cross-section of your players (or basically all of them if you're small), whether that's via in-game, forums, IRC, or going and visiting them one by one in person.
I agree with that. Player input should not be the only factors involved in designing, or modifying, a world, but that input sure can add a lot to it.
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