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First things first,

I have tried and tried to get a mud going, everything i do is quite wrong so i am taking a different approach to this. I am seeking to fill positions in coding, building and Questing. We are going to have all original areas based on the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, and The Hobbit. It will be a NSR code to start, mind you till we find a reliable coder there will be no bells or whistles to play with. I am hoping that one of you master coders will read this and give us a hand we really want to make a code worth playing on and being a part of. If you wish to build we ask that you have read the LOTR series of books and can build areas based on the books. I have seen a few LOTR muds out there, not to many have survived. Please contact me if you have interest in Coding or building for us. My email address is:

Feel free to email me with questions about all positions. Also you may log onto 9001 to find me there and talk live. I am ususally online most weekdays from 12pm to 12 am EST and definately online long on weekends.

Thank you for all your time and have a good day.

A man with a server and a dream...
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Welcome all races of Middle Earth,

The time is now, we must rise and defeat the perils of Sauron and his massive armies of Uruk-Hai and Orcs. We must destroy the Ring of Power binding to its almost certian doom. The time is now, the armies
must assemble and bring Sauron and Saruman to thier knees. Only thier destruction will free the people of Middle Earth from the wicked wrath of evil. Follow Aragorn in his quest to be King, fight the evil plauging the realm. Be the greatest hero or biggest villian the choice is up to you. Welcome to Rivendell.... The fight for Middle Earth began with the elves.

Our Mission Statement:

The production of the MUD, Rivendell was started in July of 2004, our goal is to create a unique roleplaying environment while at the same time keeping the code as simple as possible. Sure the code will not be the best on the net, but we hope the care put into the areas will more than make of for the lack of the code. Do enjoy the code and areas of Rivendell and thank you for making us your home MUD.

We are still seeking builders to help shape our world. Stop on by: 9001
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Jazuela will become famous soon enoughJazuela will become famous soon enough

Did you get permission from Tolkein Enterprises to use the LoTR theme, names, references in your game? Because, well, you might want to so that several years down the line you don't end up with a cease and desist letter threatening litigation if you don't comply with their demands.

And yeah - it's already happened, so don't think it can't happen to you too.
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What she said.

To be precise, however, their main issue appears to be with the semblance of commercialism on our site (e.g. the ads and cafepress shop we used to help cover server costs), as well as possibly with our prominent domain name.

Thus far the settlement talks appear to be going rather well, and I'm cautiously optimistic we'll be able to reach an amicable resolution; we might even emerge with some sort of limited license or official blessing from the folks at TEnt to continue operations.

Of course, it's also entirely possible that they will simply shut us down, and will do likewise to any other Tolkien MU* that draws their attention in an official capacity. Therefore it'd likely be prudent on your part to avoid investing a lot of time and effort in development until this thing is resolved and we have a clearer idea as to where the company stands on such matters.

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