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Share some of the favorite characters you've encountered during online roleplaying experiences. They can be characters of your own creation or memorable characters portrayed by others. Feel free to share the game info where they exist(ed). Be sure to explain *why* these characters stuck out for you.
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I played a Gamorrean on some Star Wars MUSH or another.  His name was Ogtakk Muggog -- or something that sounded like a guy coughing up snot.  He was repulsive and corpulent, with eye-watering BO and a severe flatulence problem.  

Memorable scenes included breaking wind in the cramped confines of his shared bunk and puking all over a Bothan when his freighter's anti-grav system was on the blink.

He may not have been the deepest character, but he sure was fun!
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My favorite character from Armageddon, or from anywhere, so far has without a doubt been my drunken, swaggering mercenery. He was in the T'zai Byn, and he revelled in it. Drinking and wenching occupied 99% of his time, and I had a blast playing him. Arrogant to a fault, he thought he was a gift to women everywhere and a master swordsman, when in reality he was no more than mediocre with a sword and all but hopeless with the ladies. The quirks of his personality came out for me, and by the time of his death I had done more with him than with all of the twenty or so previous characters combined.

Great thread.
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My all time favorite character is probably the one whose name I stole for this board.  She was/is a character in a Farscape game--  a Banik mystic who grew up in a library after being separated from her escaping parents.  I think that I got just the right combination of inncocence and impulsiveness.  She was gung-ho about everything, was convinced she knew right from wrong absolutely, and had complete confidence in herself.  

Notice I said had--  she's had some serious growing up since I created her, and that's the part that's fun for me.  She understands there are shades of grey now, and that she doesn't know nearly enough to be so confident in her rightness all the time.  But she still has the tendency to leap before she looks, act from her heart rather than her head, and always be in the thick of things.  

She's also one of the longest running characters I've ever had, and being able to slip into her character is like being able to slip into your favorite slippers after wearing sensible shoes all day.  I have two other characters that are coming to be like that, both of them on OtherSpace:  Katriel and Jordan.  

The other characters I've enjoyed playing with all tend to have one thing in common:  great banter.  I think because bantering requires give and take from both sides, and a level of attentiveness that shows in whatever else they do.  So it isn't just that I like bantering--  I do--  but it demonstrates some serious skills.  People who pay attention, and are willing to sometimes be the focus of a scene, and sometimes the supporting role, are just plain fun to play with.

Now that I've written a book, I think I'll go wander off and see about playing one of those characters with someone who does great banter...

AKA Katriel, Jordan, Willow, Summer, Sam, Allesande, Edwina, Evangaline, Jody...
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Ah, Guido Flagg. I know I've mentioned him around here several times before. He was my longest-running Lusternia character.

He began when the game was just a few days out of beta testing. Guido was a Serenguard Tae'dae; Tae'dae are huge bear-people, and the Serenguard are the warriors of the Serenwilde (A big ol' forest city).

He was a fairly gentle and friendly guy; he was popular around the Serenwilde and was an aid to the Ministry of Power. Now, along comes a fellow named Visaeris Mae'loch. Visaeris hag begun in the 'evil' city of Magnagora, and early in the game he was the #1 PKer, a powerhouse. Due to various events he left the city and formed a group that would soon become quite well-known, the Disciples of Crow.

Crow was the tainted forest spirit of the not-yet-released evil forest, the Glomdoring. The purpose of the group was to strengthen the forest and its spirits. Visaeris made a post to the game in which he asked for people to join him, promising all sorts of power and glory. The guy has a way with words. He demanded, however, that all those who would join him forsake their current cities and guilds.

This was a very large demand, as anyone who accepted it would lose access to almost all of their useful skills. Guido, however, was stirred by Visaeris' words. He drained 200 points (The maximum a character can hold) of power from the Serenwilde Nexus, although the limit at the time was 15 points per day, and severed all of his ties.

This huge overdraw of power, combined with the fact that he had left to help an entity that was the complete antithesis of Serenwilde, quickly made him a very unpopular figure in the Serenwilde. He was branded an enemy, hunted, a slain mercilessly countless times.

He was one of the first to take of Visaeris' offer, and even at their peak the Disciples only had 6 or 7 active members. They managed to revive Crow several times, although Serenwilde struck them down each time. Things, however, were about to get even harder.

Visaeris was a member of Lord Raezon's (The god of knowledge) Order. He got in a bit of a scuffle with them and ended up quitting the order and posting almost the entire member list (a BIG secret) on the public boards. Raezon was a god of Magnagora, and was royally ****ed. So now all of the Disciples were enemied and hunted by Serenwilde and Magnagora, a full 2/3rds of the game.


Not long after the Disciples disbanded. By now Guido was a seriously deranged and violent individual. His immense number of deaths, abuse, and his interaction with Glomdoring had twisted his mind. He wandered, without a home, for several years, taking up a handful of causes along the way as cover for his continued interest in Glomdoring. He managed to get unenemied to Magnagora just a bit after, although Serenwilde had at this point basically sentenced him for life.

One of the causes he took up during this time was that of Lady Terentia, one of the new gods. He joined Her order, claiming to be a new man (bear?), and became a respected member. It wasn't long, though, until Brona, a high-ranking Magnagoran citizen, offered Guido quite a large sum of gold in return for detailed information regarding the order's members and activities. Guido accepted, this just another in a long series of betrayals, but Terentia soon found out. He was outcasted and enemied by the order.

After another long period of aimlessness Guido decided to have a go at joining Magnagora. He was eventually accepted, and joined the city's warrior guild, the Ur'guard. He rose fairly quickly through the ranks, but his focus lay elsewhere. Guido's brother and old friend, Jack Flagg, had come across quite a huge sum of gold. Guido borrowed a lot and formed a new Disciples of Crow clan called 'The Flagg Brood', disguising it as a family clan. It was led by himself, Jack, Erion, and Richter. Richter had been one of the higher ranking members of the old Disciples along with Guido; Erion was originally from Celest, the city of the light, although he was now just as sick and twisted as anyone else.

Things went well at first. They learned some of the first steps on how to revive the Glomdoring, and quickly grew quite large, with many active members from Magnagora and Serenwilde. We somehow managed to keep the clan a total secret until the end of its days. It was eventually brought down, I like to think, by Erion's recruiting methods. Whereas I wished to work slowly and build up a loyal base of members, Erion recruited anyone with even a passive interest in Glomdoring, or who simply wanted to 'be where the action was'. Soon it was swelling with people who really didn't give a #### and just wanted high positions when the forest finally came out.

The following is a copy-paste of a post I made in another of Brody's topics, detailing how the clan met its end:

The second, one of my personal favorites, occured in Lusternia on my now-dead/banned character Guido. Guido had a very long and odd history in Lusternia that I won't explain here. Basically, at the time he was a citizen of the tainted city of Magnagora, and at the same time leading a top-secret group of Serenwilders and Magnagorans who were intent on reviving the Glomdoring commune (Which has since come into existence). One of Magnagora's more prominant citizens, Bricriu, knew of this and was strictly opposed to members of her guild and city giving away any secrets to assist the group.

So Guido kicked Bricriu out of the group (Another of the group's leaders had let her in, apparently for political reasons), which led her to recruiting the assistence of the leader of the Demon Lords, Luciphage, to stop the group from progressing.

When Guido learned this he set off to the Demon Lord Ashtorath, who hates Luciphage and wishes to lead the Demon Lords himself. Guido begged Ashtorath to delay Luciphage in any way he could, making many promises to him, but Bricriu soon found out. Guido was immediatly outcast from Magnagora and his guild. He was then brought to the Megalith of Doom, the nexus of Magnagora, for a public execution, with most of the citizens on hand to witness it.

With his once-fellow citizens cursing him from all sides he was charged with treason, crucified for awhile, and then sacrificed to the Demon Lords. Afterwords the Glomdoring group broke apart, with most of the members leaving and Guido disbanding the clan. He commited suicide shortly after.

If you're wondering, Bricriu knew because Erion had recruited several high-up Magnagorans to gain favour from the city. He was a horrible politician, as you can see.
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