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Mayhem would like to invite you to the re-opening, after months
of re-testing, an area wipe, clan wipe, and player wipe. The code
as well as look and feel have changed greatly from what you would
see on a normal "Paradox".

We offer a large selection of choice in player creation, from races
to classes, equipment, and if you wish to PK(Player Kill) or not.
There are two types of questing, Immortal ran quests (which range
from killing mobiles as fast as you can, to killing each other),
and Auto Quests (given to you by a mobile in Astolne, the starting

Mayhem has a very large help file system, as well as helpful (at
least most of them) Immortals, and if so happens that an immortal
isnít on, you can use the "ask" channel for help. Unlike most mudís
there is not a "newbie school" where you start, you start right
in town, where you recall to. This is due to the PK Toggle system.

The PK Toggle system allows a player to get adjusted to the mud,
understand how things work, which races/classes to use for them,
and to explore without having to worry about being killed. When
you create a character you can only fight another player inside
the arena, where you donít "die" only lose the fight. You can turn
this option off at any time.

Currently we have a total of 25 races, 10 are pick able and 15 you
evolve into from one race to another. The "Evolution" system as I
call it, Requires you have a certain Alignment, and or Played Hours.

There are 21 total classes, 10 for first tier (learning tier), and 11
for second tier. The classes we currently offer are: Wizard, Priest,
Mercenary, Gladiator, Strider, Shaman, Lich, Shaolin, Assassin, Paladin,
and Vampyre's (based loosely on V:TM), These are all the first tier
names, second tier has another set of names for classes, each with more
spells and or skills.

Right now there are around 10 areas, all built just for Mayhem, with 3
leveling areas. When all building is completed, which the competition
of areas will be "an in game event", causing other areas to change, will
be around 100 areas.

Onto equipment, which is the fun part of it all, right? Iím working to have
the chance of two players wearing the same equipment dropped to almost zero.
Iíve done this by creating a custom coded forge which uses Quest Points, it
allows you to create armor or weapons, and to have three basic sets of equipment.
The first set is for the fighter, the second set is for the caster, and the third
is for both, with halved or so stats.

On top of the wanted amount of equipment, Leveling Objects, which gain experience
and level, gaining their own stats, and Implants, which allow you to use certain
spells/skills you donít have, or gives you special features.

I hope that you will stop by, at least play for a bit, get a friend to play with
you as well. There are a lot more fun things to play with, and learn about that
isnít in this post.

Kinni - Owner/Builder/Coder
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