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I couldn't resist posting these snippets from a thread at the wheel of time mud because they're so damm funny :). In case you're wondering, the forum filter replaces f*** with firetruck.



Originally Posted by


You stand up at work and instead of yelling 'I need a supervisor!'
you yell 'I need a damn immortal!'

Thought it was hilarious myself, and nobody knew wtf I was talking
about. Laughed my ass off.

Lemme hear em, I'm sure others have done something equally crazy
like this.


You know you're a MUD addict when you walking through the mall and
thinking to yourself "four west, one north is ...." or like I did
when I went through the mall the first time I mapped it out on a
napkin from the food court.


I often have the urge to say "say" before I actually talk. Or to
say "ponder" instead of actually doing it. Stuff like that.


You've seen this post so many times...*shiver*

I generaly think nod and stuff *shiver*


when my football coach is telling me what to do on a certain play
and he is like 'So you got that Carter?" im just like "yeah, nods"
and he looks at me all confused as dung and i just can't help but
laugh my ass off.


Just got off the phone, put it down and it rang right away. And
along came a thought: "insta-aggro phone!"


Only thing that happens to me is on occasion Ill type say in an
messanger window and my friends will do the whole what the firetruck
thing and I gotta do it again and be like Say... Didnt you once
learn to be proper and dung? And they'll be like Yes sir would you
like some crumpets and tea and then we go off and smell some roses
and be all got a spare quarter sir? We wish to ring the operator and
wish her a fine shining day.


When driving down a road runs through your head as spamming east .
. .


I was discussing a patient's parents with my co-worker, and was
trying to describe the mother's attitude: "She was aggro." Or when
you ask "spams to the bathroom?" Though, you know you're in the
right company when the reply is: "2n 1w 1s". And no one in the room
reacts on it as strange.

edit: Dreamt about the Dark One tonight... Though, he looked like
the vampire family overhead from Blade II.


Whenever I run across acronyms for stuff like Television (TV) in
books or papers I tend to think of Tar Valon. Same with most of the
other abbreviations and acronyms out there on WotMUD.


i've seen this thread so many times, can't believe i never told
this story.

Austin, hal(kang) and I were playing pool at a bar, when suddenly
some redneck gets ticked off and throws a pool cue into a wall, and
the cue stuck in. I, being the mud addict loser i am said, 'he
praced projectiles.'

this was probably 3 years ago...


When your fiancee shakes you awake at 3 in the morning to demand
where Tar Valon is and why its walls need defending.

Darien Da'Calin
Flame Commander
Valon Guard Council


Hehe you know your addicted to the mud when you have Text Based
Dreams more then 2 and 3 times a week. Heh I've actully had a text
based dream of real life before. And one of Outespace, it was really

Hehe and I've had dreams of the mud as reality. Like one time I had
a dream that Dovim was chasing me and flamestriking me irl.


1)You haven't seen your parents for almost a year so you decide to
tap out an e-mail to them. You send it off signed from Nemesis and
they write back asking what the hell is going on.

2) You've seen this thread 15+ times.

3) Each time you've seen the thread you are able to contribute with
an entirely new personal all time low experiance of mud addiction.


i'll add another one:

An IRL mudder friend of mine (at the time he was rokun) called me
just as i got home and the conversation went as follows:
him: i was exploring almoth and i got hit by 3 seanchan help
me: whats your room name and exits
him: told me what it was...
me: perfect spams to 1e 4x then said, 'anyone hit you?'
him: yeah i couldn't get the east in! i'm batt!
me: okay, flee tell em your exits
him: east
me: hows your mvs?
him: near full
me: okay, dismount, attack your horse, flee e (then i gave hi
perfect spams to a horse plant i did, then all hte way to ef)

now this isn't funny however what is funny is i did this with my dad
sitting in a chair 5 feet from me.
after i got him to EF i glanced over at him and he was staring at me
with his jaw dropped. saying, 'how do you do that? you can memorize
a world of some 10000 rooms but you can't make A's and B's in
school' to which i replied, 'come on dad, everyone knows a text
based reality is WAY more important than a continuing education.'

pure golden


When you get your mud names tatooed on the back of your leg



1) While at work you find yourself wishing you could turn off the
chats.(People talking around you)

2) Have text baced dreams about your workplace/life in general.

3) Find yourself wishing you could preform as well as your gleeman

4) Wishing you were a channeler so you could port out of

5) Telling people directions to distant town/places useing spams,
then correcting yourself saying they could alway use the waygate.

6) Explaining how far you are from one place. Ex. Far SE.

7) Giving two letter abv. to towns near you.

8 ) Tring to explain how bad you day was useing Mud curseing. Ex.
Firetrucking, Flamming.

9) Saying Light this and Light that when you are angry.

10) Signing person papers as one of your Mud charas.

11) Thinking to yourself what would XXX(Your fav. alt) do if he/she
were in your shoes.

12) Refering to your mean manager/teacher as a blood thirsty

13) When you first notice you are hungry, the first thing through
your head is "Your Hungry"

14) When you first notice you are thirsty, the first thing through
your head is "Yours Thirsty"

15) After running a long distance (short for some) You think of your
self as hagg.

16) After getting a deep cut and someone asks you how bad it is, you
reply "Not bad, I'd say high-hurt"



A few years ago I was a manager at a Pizza Hut and we were pretty
busy so the waitress was clearing tables and putting dishes on the
cut table instead of in the dish pit. So I clear away the dishes for
her and when I come back around the corner, there's another stack.
The first thing that entered my mind, before I could stop it was
'repop '

That being said, I have never had any other sort of wotaddict
moments such as these! Except I might say that someone is spammy
once in a while if they talk to much.


The other night, I had a dream that I was in Saw II. I've never
seen either movie, so all I know is that this maniac tries to make
people kill themselves or each other or something. Anyhow, I escaped
from his mansion, and he set my mom against me. I ran into this
little house, locked up the doors, and tried to port out... I wish I
could port irl. *sigh*


Joined: Jun 09, 2003Posted: 2005-11-15 20:29

My friends no longer think it's odd when I type in my aim:


I've had dreams of being chased by Dagre in text favorite
of all when you try to stand up and your knees get all locked up in
the sitting position and you fall out of your seat when you try to
stand up.


Dunno if this is wierd or not.

But both of my chars have emotes aliased kinda like personal twitchs
they have. Like whenever Morgans in pk waiting to get hit you'll see
something like "Morgan hums a dirge."

Scarily enough I seem to have picked these twitchs up in real life.
Was down the pub last weekend and there was a drunk guy giving me
the evil eye and i begin to hum...
On top of that i was thinking I wonder when hes going to hit ?

At least i wasent wondering how many qps his scalp was worth


Sigh, this one's for you Zork..

Everytime I win a varsity wrestling match (quite frequently so I
really feel wierd/dumb) I can't control myself...

I flex hard and make all veins/muscles pop out and usually give a
very throaty "RRAAAWWWRRR".. freaks coaches out on the opposite team
too.. But um yeh.. Also gives reason to believe that im partially an
animal or just insane..

Oh well I like it. I can't stop it I do it without thinking.

aside from that im forever saying "you need to hit them here" or
when im looking for someone in my school hallways Ill pick out a
"choke" point where they'll probably pass through like a three way
intersection and wait there... spam with my backpack on.. meh. jk
bout the backpack part lol.

I tend to think the name Roland is cool..

I go off on people I don't like and sometimes mixed up wot terms go

When we play hide and seek in the neighborhood at night (night tag)
I gave birth to names of different areas in the neighborhood ..
some like the back of this big house by the woods - Orchard
marshey path that gets behind two houses - dark trails
ect lol im a dork

per Damena:
I ran into this little house, locked up the doors, and tried to port
out... I wish I could port irl. *sigh*

That's funny and my friends are used to *nod, snicker, laugh, grin*
on msn too

sometimes I think I'm role playing a trolloc when I outran some kids
in the mile run. BEASTLY MOVES!
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