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Exclamation EmpireMUD News!

Here is some news about our MUD:

* Active Players Needed!
We are still looking for active players. This means YOU! What we don't want, however, is for a dozen new players to come in, start their own 1-player empire, and leave in frustration (one-player empire, duh!) only to never come back.

* New Features!
Changes are being made. New features have been added, some very discreet. Currently, there are other improvements in the works. Don't ask: you'll have to play to find out! And please be patient: the payoff will be nice.

* New Listings!
We are now listed on 3 MUD sites as:
Age of Empires 4.3: Dawn of the Empires = EmpireMUD
Search for "empiremud" and if you don't find it on your favorite listing site, I'll add it! Essentially, this is the last and only public EmpireMUD running. We need people to be able to find us. Spread the word!

* New Homepage!
We now have an evolving homepage at:
This is a wiki project that allows everyone to pitch in and help with the documentation. In this way, we can hopefully prevent players from pestering our coders with concerns about the in-game help system. Leave them to work on the important stuff please. Empire leaders: please write your empire description.

* New Staff?!?
Sort of. I've assumed the role of PR Rep, and might be helping to handle the roleplaying environment. I would love to find a full-time RP Imm, but we need someone who is trustworthy AND capable of running an appropriate storyline. Since I'm not holding my breath, I may end up with that position as well.

* New Theme!
The original WoD-oriented theme is going away, to be replaced with a more generic dark fantasy theme. We're not entirely sure of exactly where we will end up, so you'll just have to stay tuned. I should, however, mention the possibility of elves and dwarves, in addition to the humans, vampires, and werewolves.

* New Plans!
I'm hoping to soon begin the organization of periodic rp or battle events. In essence, I will be trying to construct a storyline that coincides with upcoming features. For instance: I recently tried to get all of the empires to attend a "summit" on a Sunday of a particular week. During the course of a subsequent invasion, my empire "discovered" some alchemical techniques. While this was actually a coincidence with the timing of our coder's progress, I'd like to re-create that sort of thing in the future as new features are added.

Also, a weekly or monthly meeting of empires would be ideal for encouraging new players to pledge the empires they really wish to join. It would allow representatives from all empires to be present at the same time. Announcements for such events will likely be on the homepage and also on the in-game bulletin board.

My immediate goals are to continue to grow our character base and provide incentives for players to remain active. I believe that if we can grow the MUD to a certain size, it will begin to snowball and grow itself. I'm crossing my fingers that, by the end of summer, I will have to modify the listings to reflect an average character base of 10+. I've seen it recently peak to well over a dozen, but our average for any given time of day is still in the single digits.

- Sidhe Queen Thraessa Maelicia
of Corpse Stealers

Age of Empires 4.3: Dawn of the Empires = EmpireMUD
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Re: EmpireMUD News!

Good luck with your MUD! I made EmpireMUD my MUD of the Day at Twitter today! Hope it helps. Wes Platt (DougPiranha) on Twitter
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Re: EmpireMUD News!

EmpireMUD is a fun game, with tons of suprises. For example, I burned my house down the other day and boy was I surpirsed. I just wish I could play more.

Good luck at RP Rep, Trisha!
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Re: EmpireMUD News!

Is anyone upkeeping the wiki anymore? Might I suggest moving it to a public wiki forum instead of someone's private server? I'd hate to lose it again...

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