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Thunder is on a distinguished road

Candlekeep MUD is back online after a year of downtime. Candlekeep is a modified TSW sourcecode meshed with a ROT 1.5 codebase to bring you the brainchild of the one and only Thunder. You may have heard of me from coding on such MUDs as Candlekeep, Waterdeep, Medievia, Act of War (chapt 2), and many many others.

Candlekeep offers over 200 spells which makes up 36 unique spell groups with 27 classes over 3 tiers and 33 unique races. Candlekeep's custom remort system allows for remorting without reconnecting and to cross class remort. The unique overhead mapping system creates an easy to navigate environment that is intuitive and yet extremely informative of the surrounding world making it a benefit for newbies as well as any seasoned player.  Some players say it's the key feature that makes Candlekeep stand out from every other MUD on the internet.

Candlekeep also offers Thunder's unique arena system which offers a reputation based system to show off to the rest of the MUD world just who the best player fighter truely is.

Along with the goodies to play with as a player, you can put your mind at ease with the anti-crash system created by Thunder to guarantee the MUD will remain online 24/7 reguardless of any crash that may occur. Reboots never occur here, only copyovers which is a reboot without you having to reconnect to the MUD. [ ** Candlekeep is NEVER down! ** ]

Tons of more features and over 100 completely revamped areas specifically for the Candlekeep MUD codebase will keep you playing for hours in this Forgotten Realms fantasy environment.

Candlekeep is in the process of rebuilding it's player base and is looking for players interested in a ROT feel with a coder capable of providing new and unique features...  we don't use snippets here folks like 90 percent of your stock muds out there!  Candlekeep went down with an average of 30 players at anytime during the day and is looking to bring that average back.


Thunder has been a programmer, implementor, and creator of MUDs for over 10 years and has returned with this MUD to bring the players of the world the ultimate in MUD entertainment, so stop on in and see what you have been missing out on.... 6666

or click :

<a href="telnet://" target="_blank">Candlekeep MUD ::  An AD&D Epic Adventure in the Forgotten Realms</a>
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