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The boundaries between the lands, have fallen...  The world hangs on the
brink of destruction, but for the bravery of a few brave souls: Richard
Zedd, Kahlan, and a few of their closest friends.  These brave souls stand
solid as the Hordes of the Imperial Order slowly subsume the lands of the
realm, while the D'haran's and people of the Midlands seek to slow the
behemoth Jagang has unleashed.  All the while, the Keeper awaits another
chance to drop the veil between the world of the living and the world of the
dead, while the Sisters of the Light and the forces of Good, backed by the
Creator, seek to foil the Keeper's minions.  On yet another side, their lie
groups of people who seek neither the Creator's loving arms, nor the
Keeper's cold embrace, these people, help those who to pique their interest
or slay those who cross them on nothing more than a whim.  

The Realm is beset on all sides, from all angles, the stuggle of good versus
evil wages not only on the mortal plane, but within the realms of the gods
as well.  The immortals choose sides, and tinker with things to suit their
ancient minds, allying themselves with mortal agents in order to accomplish
their own agenda's.  The line between good and evil is sometimes blurs
beyond recognition...  

Do you have what it takes to become a hero?  To do battle against the Keeper
and his minions in the name of the Creator?  Or perhaps you seek to unleash the enroaching insidious evil the Keeper encompasses, and lay low the
Creator's peaceful realm.  You may even seek only to gain riches at the
expense of others or sell your services for a price.  If so, welcome to
Wizard's Realm, a mud based loosely on the series of novels by Terry
Goodkind, the Sword of Truth series.  

This mud is run by a Mature immortal staff, who set the game up for all
types of players to enjoy.  We have many things we feel you the player will
enjoy.  Such as Multiple race/class selection, customizable creation, choice
of pk no-pk, multiple clans, newbie friendly players and newbie helpers,
etc..  Currently we are also implementing a remort system, the backbone of
which is in, soon there will be much for for characters to achieve,
including noble rank.  Most importantly an endless desire to bring You the
player, the best MUDding atmosphere available.  

We've been open since February 2001, and we have a player base that averages
around 10-20.  We're always open to constructive criticism ( Making changes
and improvements based on what you the player want), we accept player
reviews, so please, stop by and check us out. port 6667
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