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Old 02-27-2006, 03:03 PM   #1
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Hi, my name is Lark.

I've been looking over some of the discussions, and hope to participate sometime. I'm an aspiring mud designer, and by that I mean I don't have a job. But I'm very interested in mud concepts and the idea of being able to establish a meaningful game with relatively small system requirements.

I'm also just breaking into roleplay, and I've sampled a few different muds I've seen on the charts here.

Hopefully I won't be too much of a nuisance.
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Well welcome to the boards. Sampling muds is a good idea if you want to get an idea how things work, but if your goal is to work on a MUD, you should probably find one you like to settle down at and really learn the ropes on.

On Carrion Fields for example, we only bring new immortal staff on board from the ranks of hero mortal characters. We interview them to find out their experience with CF and get an idea if this is the sort of person we would want to work with. I haven't researched the issue, but I imagine most established muds work with a similar system.

The MUDs that hire builders directly from forums and things that have no particular relationship with the game are likely going to be new, under-populated, or dying MUDs. Otherwise why hire someone that knows nothing at all about your game?

If you're interested in enforced, mandatory roleplay mixed in with a strong pk-oriented game, you might consider checking Carrion Fields out. It would be a fairly lengthy process to join the immortal staff, but I promise it would be fun in the mean time. If you have any questions specifically relating to it, you can post them or email me at

Good luck!
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