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Old 04-24-2003, 05:35 AM   #21
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Santrilla is on a distinguished road
Difficult to say for me. I find it a lot easier to play a character that is similar to my attitude in real life (although, oddly enough, I prefer roleplaying females; go figure.) They're open-minded, sociable people, but they always have some dark inner self that powers any evil act they might commit. My characters are almost indefinitely mages, as I find the whole "get a big sword and smash them over the head with it" style of playing highly tedious. Whereas, when playing a mage, I can be much more inventive; I can use my intelligence and magic in a variety of ways to reach my goal.

Sometimes, though, I go for a different class just for variety's sake. For example, I've been known to play assassins, simply because the idea of hiding in the shadows and slaying a foe before they notice you has always appealed to me. I've also been a cleric, because I like to heal others.

As for race, I'm nearly always an elf (or elf-subrace, usually Drow). They're intelligent, they're beautiful, and they kick some serious butt. Dwarves and gnomes are sometimes my race of choice for clerics (as clerics are partially fighters, so a bit of strength is useful), but more often than not I stick with elvies.
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Rytorth is on a distinguished road chars are very varied. And usually in such a way that they avoid crossing each other's paths - heck, most of the time, my chars don't even know of each others' existence. of my main chars tends to be about as off-the-wall as you can get with out being out-and-out insane at times - while at other times she's very serious. And then again, there's the times when she's uber-bloodthirsty...and she's fairly knowledgable about the human body. Enough so that, should she choose, she can torture you if you cross her but she doesn't feel like killing you yet. Then, with another switch of mood, she's trying to lure guys into bed with her with varying success (not random guys - guys she does know. Which is why she has varying amounts of success.) She's 6'5" and still growing (I plan to have her stop around 7' or so.. ) and she's fond of blades. She favors an outfit of tight, black leather and, by some people's standards (read, most guys' standards, ) she's attractive - very much so. And she knows it.
She has no blood related family - due to her bio (read, her player's laziness and general unwillingness to play parents ) her parents were taken out by a Hutt and her mother became a slave. So her closest friends she leads have become her family instead - although she'd never admit that any of them but one have really become like family to her. Partially because she's afraid that she's turning them into her family to fill that gap - and preying on that fear is about as intelligent as provoking a snake; it makes her angry and prone to attack.
Few people actually know much about her past - and she changes aliases as easily as some people change hairstyles. She also has very little schooling - about the same amount as your average seven year old would have. But, despite this, she has her own ship and leads a group of outlaws.
She also tends to be a trouble-magnet for some reason or other and if she's not healing up from one injury or another, she's getting ready to head into a fight again. Which is part of what makes it so fun to RP her...the fact that one person can tick off so many people...
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Hmm... I'm that kind of person that puts a little bit of myself in a character too, no matter what alignment people see them as or how others think those characters perceive the concept of laws. It's normally just a little thing or two, like a pet peeve or a favorite thing. I usually start with race/sex/class. I prefer to have a little history of how the character grew up and what all has happened to that character to mold it the way it is going to be once I am done and ready to role-play it. Some times I don't like the concept of labeling my characters good, evil, or neutral. I let the other people role-play their characters in interaction with mine and make their own decision on how they see mine. For example, I play a feral elf child that I have classed as a warrior, but she is more of a survivalist. Other people around her have different views of her. The mayor of the main city thought she was a horrible troublemaker and caused a lockdown of the city, just because she was chasing citizens and guards, trying to get them to play. Where as, another person thought she was an embodiment of innocence, having not been touched by any religious or political ideals or even civilization itself. On the other hand I play an 'evil' character that has had a rather tragic life and has been labeled evil by the people of the realm due to the way of life she has chosen. There are some very small points of 'light' in that character if anyone ever got to rping with me about it, then it would be more well known. I play so-called good characters too, but not as often. I get bored with them. Though I am currently playing a forest-runner ranger in a tabletop AD&D game that could be considered good. I would rather say she is kind-hearted and has a sense empathy with agreeable beings (translate as anyone not trying to kill her or her friends or that can be reasoned with not to).
Well, though as stated, this thread wasn't started as a good/evil/whatever thing and I seem to be going off on that tangent. Mainly because the words of others here have appealed to me concerning the concept.
I guess I could just say that my style is to start with the basis of taking a random aspect of me and then twisting it about into something new and different. Like I could start up a character and say... okay, he will be antisocial, but why? certainly not for the same reason -I- would be; or she will be very mischievous, but not in the same nature I myself would be. I don't like making a character too much like me... as said by many other people... I play as myself everyday in real life, so why should I do so in worlds full of mythological creatures, starships, and extra-planar dimensions? That is why I prefer not to play humans either. I mainly play as elves, but I've played as a duergar (subterranean dwarf), a pixie, and a race I custom made for a special game. I also plan to add more to that list sooner or later.
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Greenstorm is on a distinguished road
A lot of people I know have a tendancy to play characters with some common thread running through them, be it gender, power-hunger, race, position in live, sense of curiosity, strong emotional depth, etc. It's something that I think about sometimes, because I do know that when I started roleplaying I thought you were a bad roleplayer if you couldn't play every character under the sun, and if you tended to like playing one kind of character more than another.

I don't think that way anymore, mostly because I've taken a look around the community and seen that there are a lot of different people out there. Some people can play a lovely, oh, child character, but never play any other kinds. And if I'm enjoying RPing with them I don't see any reason to judge their RP bad based on other characters they may or may not have. But even though that's been overturned I do look through my characters often, trying to find patterns in them: I think similarities between my different characters and between my characters and myself are interesting.

So what's my roleplaying style?

I play a lot of outsider characters -- that is, characters that are in some sense alien to the society in which they find themselves. I suppose if you want to take it down to the archtypical 'raised by wolves' sort of thing you can, but I do tend to be more subtle than that.

One of my mu*es has a whole bunch of different races, so it's not hard to play a literal alien there looking at all these strange people doing inexplicable things. It's not completely out of line to say that that's some sort of expression of my personality in there, highly exaggerated.

Sometimes it's a little more complex -- setting a character up so that they don't own any society at all and so they're halfway between the two, accepting some parts of one and some of another. That causes some fun conflicts within the character, and often drives the way they approach intimacy and just generally their self-image.

Taking a character outside their complacent zone like that is maybe the biggest thing I do, and I suppose it's because it makes the characters easy to play for me. Since they're actively thinking about the society around them I do too, and I don't slip so easily into 22nd century human habits.

My characters all tend to have a very strong streak of responsibility, something which is often problematic for me. Whatever it is they feel responsible to, be it to a parent, to a world, to their business, to their friends, orto upholding a particular moral code, the responsible streak tends to bind them to something, and thus to leave them less free to go anywhere and associate with anyone. Good RP, you might say, but not always so fun.

Sometimes I reverse the outsider perspective and create a character who is so embedded intheir own society that they can't see outside of it. This is a lot of fun, but unless there are other people playing the same sort of character it can also be difficult: singleminded belief can look like arrogance to many of the worldly, all-tolerant characters that show up from time to time and that tolerance tends not to extent to a tolerance of intolerance. Still, it's wonderful to dive into a character who has no ambiguities in their head, who really believes something.

And certainly all my characters are very passionate in some way about something. Perhaps this ties in with a streak of responsibility, but it's more that any character who doesn't really care about something is uninteresting to me. I'm fascinated by seeing what happens when someone gets what they really, really want, and I'm fascinated by seeing what happens when someone struggles for something they need with all their soul but probably can never get.

For some reason on the fantasy mu* I playa fairly even male/female mix, and on the sci-fi place I play mostly females. It started out simply because I'm terrible at remembering to use the right pronoun, but I think in the end has to do with what I see as a wider range of roles to play in a universe that has multiple planets vs. a fairly uniform feudal society -- there's no need to explore the differences that sex and gender cause, because there are so many other things to explore already.

Just some thoughts.
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Khamura is on a distinguished road

I certainly fall in to the category of people who play with a certain theme to their characters -- less because I actively strive for characters that fit it, but rather because it is a wide field of interest. Most of my characters thus either are in position of power or want to achieve it, whatever form it may take: physical strength to overpower others, political or financial power to ascertain one's hegemony, magical or psionic power to awe and influence the feebleminded.

However, the most memorable character I have played thus far was a simple 'grease monkey'-type engineer, quite powerless in all of the aforementioned criteria, who fell victim to (and -- Stockholm syndrom? -- in love with) a sadistic, sociopathic telepath. The single scene meant to break him similarly broke her, and spelled week-long RP bliss for the other player and myself.
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