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Avendar the Crucible of Legends is in need of new and experienced players to help drive plot arcs and keep new ideas flowing.  Avendar is absolutely FREE to play.

Reasons for Playing Avendar

1) Races:

Avendar has many unique races you will not find on any other world along with humans to make transition into Avendar easier.  Each race is integrated seemlessly into the rich history of Avendar and is thoroughly described with respect to racial tendencies. A quick summary of each race can be found by clicking on the url below:











The best race to start with in my opinion would be human to allow yourself to get more familiar with the enforced roleplaying, the other races, the classes and the rest of the game.  Veteran mudders of course would not need to choose humans.

2) Classes:

Avendar the Crucible of Legends has very well rounded and balanced classes to play.  The only exception to this is multi-sphered scholars(magic users) but in the hands of a vetern gamer they can be potent.  Here is a set of links to let you explore some of the classes:

Classes Available on Avendar

The two best classes to play on Avendar when you are first starting out are Water Templar and Water Scholar.  Both make you a valuable member of a party and let you refresh yourself to be able to take the long trek to explore the world. Even Veteran mudders would benefit from taking one of those two classes to help integrate themselves into the world.

3) Enforced Rolelpay

I am sure many of you are now turning away from this post with a bit of disdain towards Avendar the Crucible of Legends. Well let me tell you that the Immortals of Avendar do understand that it requires extra effort to make an enticing description along with a background appropriate to Avendar. Immortals on Avendar go the extra distance for players who stay in character and refuse to give up under the pressures of opposing forces.

4) Amazingly Rich Setting

Absolutely no stock or stock derivative areas in Avendar. Brandon Downey has set the bar for room desc and area quite high for the game and the results are awe inspiring.  Each room you enter requires you to at least scan the description or risk missing a tree to climb, a crevice to enter, or a statue to turn.

The areas are all derived from a combination of the overall history of Avendar along with the racial histories.  For a sample of that wonderful work go to the following links:

Avendar's Rich History

and then cross reference that with:

Areas of Avendar

and finally look at the Avendarian terminology:

Glossary of Avendar

5) Amazing Immortal Staff

Setting up an account with Avendar allows the Immortals to communicate with you about where you are at and provides them with the ability to award you for roleplaying. The awards themselves, traits, are not game breakers make elite characters but tweaks that make it even more fun individualizing a character.  It makes you proud to have earned the privilege to start a character with a last name.  And when you get a trait or two to allow you to personalize your character even more it makes the effort all worth it.

Immortals on Avendar are approachable and hear any idea, character concept, or request with open minds. Sadly they have had to ban certain ISP from having access without an account but that made cheating almost non-existant on the game. Some newbies to Avendar still try but they get caught early on and are dealt with before they can become a problem. Bottom line is that anyone who makes a character concept up along with a description can email to Avendar and after it gets approved they will set up an account for you to play on any ISP.

So for a challenging yet extremely rewarding game give Avendar a try! Avendar can be found at the following: port: 9999

Sincerely Yours,
Psektos aka Cawaell

EDIT: Oops here is a site with a very good newbie guide:

The Grimoire of the Aklaju
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Psektos is on a distinguished road
Oops I missed a few things that I want to clarify.

1) I am a fairly long time player not an Imm. (Sorry if anyone was misled and the Immstaff at Avendar asked me to clarify so there was no confusion after Iandir gave me a virtual pat on the back for the post, I love the Imms on Avendar they listen to my wacko ideas)

2) My post is very subjective and I am sorry if I never posted enough objective information.

If you want more of the mechanics, play aids, and the like I strongly suggest the link for newbies I made. Also Avendar has an moderated IRC channel with some very good and helpful people there: #Avendar EFNET.  (I miss you my bestest IRC friend and the one who truly got me hooked on mudding and Avendar, Cara!

Psektos aka Cawaell.
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Psektos is on a distinguished road
Thumbs up

I have to thank the community here for I have been contacted by six new players to Avendar who came by this add and my other. They are having a fairly good time as well though of course there have been a few bumps along the way.  

It helps to have someone to chat with to get an idea about the game because it does have a fairly steep learning curve.  My MSN is and I am more than willing to help out new players.  Please though, be polite and patient I can only help so many at one time. :

Avendar: the Crucible of Legends 9999

Click here to check it out via Telent

Homepage for Avendar

Greatest Webpage for Avendar facts and intro

Quick and Dirty help file access

Psektos aka Cawaell

PS Thanks to the Imms for putting up with all my crazy character ideas as of late.  They have been a blast to rp with you and the other players!
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