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************************************************** ****

She arose with a smile, getting out of her bed and looking out of the window, stretching her arms and watched the bustling of the small farmstead she called home. She chuckled as she watched her mother go to her father, putting her arms around his waist and him turning to embrace her in return. She looked down at the greyhound by her side and smiled brightly.

"Come on boy.."

The dog looked up at her, panting as he waited for her to throw the blanket over her mattress, stopping to mutter a small prayer to the Goddess Mahrina as she passed the small shrine in her room, lit by candles.

They left the door of the house, Draemir smiling as Thomas rode hard to the gates marking the farm territory and pulled a letter from his bag.

"Ho! Draemir, a letter from your brother!" he dismounted and ran to her, waving the letter, her parents looking over and walking slowly towards them.

Draemir smiled, taking the letter and opened it, leaning on the gatepost and scanned its contents quickly while she waited for her parents to get to them. Thomas eyed her appreciatively, her slim but muscular form making for a sleek line, her expressive face strangely attractive. Her parents arrived and Draemir smiled at them.

"Letter from Darith, he's still in Naerlan" she said, her eyes following the page. She laughed. "His studies go well, and he has his hands full with two pixies, Ayleo and Zebbie, he says they are fun to talk to and he is fond of them.."

Draemirs mother chuckled. "They are of the Temple too Draemir?"

Draemir smiled and nodded as she continued reading, "They are, and he says there is a place he goes to sit at when hes not working, a public altar of some kind, apparently he says you would be disgusted at the way women are treated there Mother..."

Her mother tutted and folded her arms. "Typical of todays youth..."

Her father chuckled, putting his arm around her mothers shoulders. "Does he say anything about coming back to help on the farm?"

Draemir frowned and shook her head. "He doesnt say anything at all about coming back, just that he cant leave them on their own so he has to stay..."

Her father shook his head, "I need him here Draemir, you must write him and tell him he needs to come home, he has the farm to run alongside me and he must get married sooner or later..."

Draemir bit her lip, unaware of the affect it was having on Thomas. "Maybe I could go instead, you know, for a while, they could use me, you certainly dont have use for my sword.."
Thomas looked crestfallen and Draemir's mother nudged her father, nodding at him.

Her father caught the look and bit back a laugh, looking at Thomas. "I suppose it would do no harm for a while..."

Thomas sighed, scuffing his foot. "I could go with you Draemir..." he began.

Draemir shook her head, "Thomas, Ive been able to beat you in a fight since I was four years old, somehow I dont think you would I'll just take Dog with me." She smiled and ran back to the house, writing a quick letter and addressing it to the temple of Mahrina in Narlan, racing back outside and handed it to Thomas.

"Make sure my brother gets this when you head back to the city Thomas."

Thomas nodded, his head low as he turned and mounted his horse, kicking his heels and racing off without a backwards glance.

The days passed slowly as Draemir awaited her brother's return, she spent most of her time moping around the house, or out in the farmyard, being a hindrance to her parents, her talents never did lie in farmwork, but her aptitude with a sword were legendary in their small village. She destroyed ear after ear of corn as she swung her sword, sharpening it un-necessarily day after day.

The day arrived, Darith appeared at the edge of the farmstead, bag in hand, whistling merrily as his parents ran towards him. He picked up his mother in a hug and embraced his father, slapping his back with weathered hands.
Draemir grinned, purposefully leaning against the gatepost as he sauntered to her and punching him on his shoulder. "You took your time Dar" she said, a teasing lilt to her voice.

He steered her away with a hand on her back, leaning down to speak quietly, being sure not to make their parents hear. "Be careful out there Draem" he said, concern marking his voice. "I don't want to worry Mother or Father, but its not a nice place to be.." He glanced behind him, her eyes following his. "There is evil, pure evil in that city, don't have anything to do with them.." Draemir nodded, not saying a word. Darith continued. "And watch my two friends, they might get themselves into bother, but they really are good people...: She nodded again. "Zebbie forgets his name a lot, just remind me, he'll be fine......Ayleo is the smart one..."

She walked with him to the door of the house and Darith held her shoulders firmly, hissing his words to her. "Don't let those of Jirah manipulate you, don't let Elbar's followers lead you into chaos, don't let Kiradus followers get anywhere near your purse and don't let Ytrewtsu followers ANYWHERE near you...."

He released his grip, turning and smiling to his parents. "So whats for dinner Mother? I'm starved!" He chuckled and put an arm around his mother, leading her into the house.

Draemir stood at the door after they had eaten, a holdal on the floor beside her and listened to her father giving her guidelines to follow. He handed her a small pouch of gold, and a flask of fresh milk and nodded to her, his hand tussling her hair as he had done when she was small. "Be careful Draemir and follow the Goddess' Rules in all ways." He nodded as he said the word 'Goddess'. "May Mahrina be always in your dreams my daughter." He kissed her forehead.

She smiled as she walked the path leading to the entrance of the far, looking back and waving. She whistled to herself as she set off a new adventure, one filled with fun and laughter, and one also filled with dangers and darkness.

Mahrina, the Goddess of Dreams and White Magic, many races join Her. Although she appears to favor Heishan Elves above all, maybe you are looking for a home amongst the Dream Walkers, a good aligned temple that is situated at the south east corner of Naerlan. We are currently looking for those that wish to aid the Light. Maybe you will be the one that brings the Light to the forefront of Naerlan, chasing away the darkness and shadows.
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