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Smile 6 Dragons Hiring!

6 Dragons game is hiring STAFF. We are a smaug based
mud that has been around for years. We are not in Beta
but a fully open mud. 6 Dragons is a medieval fantasy
based game. 6 Dragons

We recently added tradeskills Blacksmith and Baker for
our players. Players can level up to 20 in whichever
profession they chose to master. If they don't like that
profession they can chose to unlearn that knowledge
and switch to the other.

Tradeskills are one thing, but 6 Dragons has "true multiclass"
where you can multiclass into 3 classes from creation start,
or chose to dual or singleclass it, each with it's own respective
perks for what combo you chose. There is an expratio
command that players can use to chose what percent of
exp they want going to what class. They can level one
class 10 levels higher then the others. Handy for Player
Killing tactics.

Anyway, those are some of features this game has. I seek
Staff for the following positions:

Area Architects - The guys/gals who build the wonderful areas
that players run around in. Creative minds with fairly good
writing skills are needed for this position.

Game Events - The guys/gals who run game events for players
such as trivia, contests, role play, quests, etc. We have some
templates created for events, but originality is nice. Thus
some creativity is also needed here.

We do not have a problem teaching new players for the Staff
positions. We do require that you level to at least 20, so you
have a feel for the game, and we have a feel for you as a person.
Please do not log in the first room and say I am here for the
immortal positon. Heh, that is just lame. We don't go by
immortals on 6 Dragons, but by Game Staff. We also feel that
if someone doesn't take the time to get to know the game
then they might as well go to some beta mud, that the game
status doesn't matter.

You may apply in the game...

6 Dragons
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Re: 6 Dragons Hiring!

6 Dragons is still in need of builders. Please see the above post.

6 Dragons
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