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Post Arion recruiting areamasters

A bit about Arion:
We are a relatively new mud for public ( We don't advertise yet ).
Code-base: ROM and Arion "I" ( we call it the old Arion )
What distinguishes Arion from most others: Nightmarish environment and realism ( player brutality ) + adult content (Almost full anatomy for example). We want to achieve dark and cruel nature ( Somehow similar to Fallout2 ) where nothing comes too easy. However, all the programming is guaranteed to be done for as simple and fun gameplay as possible ( Commands, their syntax and possibilities ).
* The areamaster is expected to eventually learn to handle OLC ( Online editing something :P )
* Areamasters are expected to eventually handle mob/obj/room programs OR C-language (Y) for spec progs
* For building whole new areas from scratch we often use ArcaEd area editor.
* Our map is square-based and will be eventually absolutely logical ( no abnormal room overlapping ) BECAUSE we have many different map systems. You can see our current "from sky" view of Arion: (Dungeons and other depths are not included)
* Know that: rooms' descriptions don't have to be generally too long or juicy as there are many "not so important" rooms in a role of connecting several "important" rooms.

IF YOU LIKE THESE GAMES (I mean for their idea, nature, fun, role):
* Fallout ( Poorness, sickness, no good tomorrow, stupidity leads to easy death )
* Diablo ( Hack and slash, magical items, random dungeons/items/monsters )
* Warcraft (Orcs and humans)
* Warlords Battlecry (Several unit ideas, races, IRONMAN MODE IDEA (real death, double exp/warpoints) )
* Duke Nukem ( You will face hideous monsters, gore, nude chicks and you don't spare words )
* MUME (The pk aspect and overall realism)
THEN joining the Arion's team is definitely a good idea.

What will be the most probable jobs at the beginning:
* Wargs' Forest needs to be done ( currently only 1 room )
* Dwarven Catacombs needs to be done.
* Some Jungle areas for the Ssrathi race ( Anyone knows Warlords Battlecry III ? )
* Some desert areas + hometown for Formian race
* Some already done areas need to be populated ( Kobold Mines for example )

Areas: 58
Rooms: 3923
Helps: 318
Mobiles: 2198 (619 unique)
Objects: 3812 (530 unique)
MobProgs: 192
ObjProgs: 12
RoomProgs: 6

Players: 58
Active: 13 (connected during 7 days)
Immortals: 3

Finally we have a logstation here: Logstation
And to look around the mud itself connect: 4000

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