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Ista Weyr: Search and Intrigue

It was a dark and stormy night-- Okay, maybe not quite. But the young queen Safriath's maiden flight has finally left Ista Weyr with a proper Senior Weyrwoman and a new, albeit questionably reputable Weyrleader by the name of Ch'son.

Twenty-two turns into the tenth Interval, a shake up of leadership shouldn't ruffle the overall atmosphere of the Weyr too much, though, should it? Ista has made strides in being a destination worth visiting between its bars, restaurants and its successful trader's market. The arrival of a representative from Katz Field even heralds rumors of runners and racing.

Beneath the pretense of luxury, there's a gritty underground that can't be completely ignored, though many are willing to try. Gambling, booze and girls along with newer rumors of organized prize-fighting are just some of what the shady side of Ista has to offer.

OOC Search will be open until May 10th!

Website: Welcome to Ista Weyr, NorConMUSH
Game address:
Port: 4210


Search Applications are here: Welcome to Ista Weyr, NorConMUSH

Our Plot Wiki with character concepts is located here: Ista Weyr: Character Concepts
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