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Question Coding a mud using vb 2005

Hey everyone.

I've been coming on for years to ask questions concerning the coding of a mud... it has been a dream of mine since I began mudding over 12 years ago. I finally bit the bullet, and began formal training in computer programming at the local university. I've decided that I'm rather fond of Visual Basic, and have been educating myself most diligently in it's use. Though I still have a long way to go before I can call myself a "programmer," I would like to learn what I can about mud-coding in vb. Sadly most of what I am taught deals with graphical interfacing applications, and I'm not yet sure how I would go about adapting the code to a mud.
What I'm looking for now is an open source code base that I can play around with, and teach myself the workings of. I've scoured the net, and can find no up and running bases written in visual basic... I found a few listings of codes that are long dead and which used vb 6 which I'm not familiar with.
I don't know if such a thing exists, or if I will have to figure it out from scratch, but I would be extremely greatful for a nudge in the right direction... even just a tutorial I could study on my own time that would put my mind in the right frame for coding a mud using vb.
Thanks for reading, and I really hope to hear from someone soon!

Carry On

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Re: Coding a mud using vb 2005

If you can't find a VB codebase (I only recall finding one a while back), probably just start with some basic networking, a chat server, and so forth. Searching on visual basic networking I found:

A Great Winsock tutorial - Simple Chat Program - Tutorialized - Multi-User Chat Client and Server

[VB] Creating chat client and chat server

eta -- also, you'll want to implement the telnet protocol probably

CodeGuru: How to write your own Telnet Server in VB5/6

Anyway, with that basic structure, you probably can start adding stuff like player file persistence, more commands and so on (I hope! ). Good luck.

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Re: Coding a mud using vb 2005

I downloaded this Mud and it has a lot of good programming to it, It does have a few bug and is incomplete, but 98% finished.

Depths Of Despair MUD By: Chris VanHooser Written in VB 6.0
Depths Of Despair MUD (multiuser text based game) Stand-alone server. Check out Description.txt in the download for a better look of this. This game is not complete, but is massive. I think i have given up working on it, seeing as i havn't touched it for awhile now. I would guess that is is about 80-90% complete, maybe even more. Game features include: movement, items, spells, weapons, monsters, quest, combat, time system, money system, rooms can have doors, emotions, evil system, familiars, private user guilds, hunger/stamina system, ability to write notes in game and leave for other players, ability to form travel party with players, projecttile weapons (guns/bows and arrows), shop's are set up, players can sneak and backstab for more damage, theiving system, train and level up and adjust stats how you want, Custom scripting launguage to add many more custom commands, monsters roam the realm, plus many more im sure i've forgotton. This game is about 30,900 lines of code. Lots to look through. I've included all the documents i've compiled as i've created this. It could help decode how things work. The database for the game is bassed in Access, so im not sure if it will work if you don't have it. It can accept telnet connections from most any client. It sends out the text with ANSI codes for color, so a client with color would be the best. XP telnet works great. I have also included a telnet client i was working on. It isn't complete or perfect, but it works pretty decent. But it is just a barebones applicaiton. The games purpose was to be a completely editable MUD, so things can be changed drastically. I have included an editor (and this also isn't copmlete...), but its about 90% complete with some bugs in it. It can also explain how lots of things work. There is tons more inside this project, but i would have to write so much, it would be better to just check it out. Feel free to use this code or whatever, just don't make any profit from it, unless you include me. And keep my name attached to what you take. I don't claim to have wrote every line, but i was say a good 95% is mine.
Download the code here:
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Re: Coding a mud using vb 2005

I have been programming for a few years also and asked the question if VB would do the job. The answer is in my last post, but I personally have tried VB6 MUD and VC++6 MUD and VC++6 is much faster, mostly when you get multi-users on at the same time. Slows 1/4 for every user. sorry for the diapoinment. but on the lighter side you will have the experience on the mud consept.
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