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Legends of Karinth is looking for some imaginative people to help us develop our RP.
After several false starts we are now in position to get the tools in place to augment
our beautiful world. We are looking for some people to dig in and help us get things
going. We are working on implementing and building guilds, a gladiator training system,
fame and government. We have the planning documents done for most of these but can
always use more input. We want people to get on the ground, interacting with the morts
and sparking RP. Additionally, we want people who love running IC quests.

Our storyline is well developed and our theme is strong with enough mystery left for the
players to fill in. We have great coders who are willing to give us the tools we ask
for and are in a position to develop a great RP environment.

Legends of Karinth is a large project in the middle stages of production. We are in no
danger of disappearing as our dedicated team has poured many hours into this large and
beautiful project. We have been around in one form or another for around 5 years but are
in the process of heavy modifications. We have a small but loyal player base which is
just perfect for beta, given that we are going through so many changes. Our main staff
are all mature and stable as well. We even have a builder who just celebrated his 80th

We are in the process of converting the mud away from anything stock. Already, we have
gotten rid of stats and skills, replacing them with an abilities system that will
eventually have over 1000 abilities to choose from, allowing the player greater control
over their own character development. We don't have classes because we don't want to
limit a players ability to mould their character into what they wish. We are bringing in
occupations, land ownership, mining/harvesting/trading, kingdoms, herbals and several
other major modules. Our magic system is unlike anything out there in the mud world. I
know that many muds claim to have 'new' magic but this is more than just different or
renamed spells.

We are well worth your time to check out. Our web page is at
and you can connect at port 2345.

Catch Rannoch online to chat about a position in the RP department. We are also hiring in documentation, building and coding.

Building Manager
Legends of Karinth
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