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Accursed Lands has just released a new flying race.  AL is an RPI that's been around for more than eight years.  It's levelless and classless, completely free, and features an all-original theme and a slew of impressive features.

From ALs racial summary:
Originally Posted by
Halaks are bipedal carnivores, averaging about one and a half meters (five feet) in height. They have feather- and down-covered bodies, two strong wings, and a sharp beak. They were created as agile aerial warriors by the rowans, and have more recently earned renown as fine woodworkers. As a race, they are rather purposeless and drifting, but seek an identity and niche for their people in the absence of the wars for which they were created. Halaks hate the rowans for casting them aside after the Rowan/Kiisic Wars, and they hate the grakkon race for the losses they sustained at their hands during the same.
Players who RP a halak can now truly make use of all three dimensions within rooms, they can visit rooms that are beyond the reach of non-flying races, and can visit tiers of "air rooms" above the normal ground-level rooms that we're all familiar with.  Come experience realistic flying in an RPI.  This promises to shake things up and create more than a little RP drama and intrigue.

At present, halaks are restricted to players who have proven themselves to be valuable members of the AL community by earning positive IC and OOC peer ratings.
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