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I am posing this question on why people who play muds fail to look at them objectively?
I am speaking of the recent string of Reviews for Frozen Tears. I mean 6 reviews in less than 15 minutes all gushing with how great it is. I will say that I know several of the imms there, I have worked with them in the past but I have not logged in to check out the game. Most of the reviews either slander the mud or gush with how great it is. Where is the objectivity that is needed for a honest review?

A review points out not only the good points but the bad as well. I am glad they have supporters but even long standing muds have both good points and areas that need work.  Is it too much to ask for people to look at both sides when doing a review. When a review is all positive or all negative it serves no purpose and is a waste of disk space.

I think when admins of muds encourage their players to submit reviews they should also encourage them to indicate areas where they need work.  Constructive criticism is not a bad thing, it will help the staff improve the mud, as well as expand on the areas that are considered strengths.

Just my thoughts, what do you all think?
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The review section is somewhat of a misleading title. Being that the people placing the review usually have a personal stake in the mud, wether it be for promotion or revenge, it is very uncommon for them to be objectional.
When the reviews does not come from an impartial outside party the view tends to become slanted. The amount of time that it takes to really get a feel for a mud tends to exclude the idea of having a review board, which only gives a very small glimpse into how the basics of the game are handled. I think most basic thing is to remember they are not realy reviews, just testimonials.
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I never look at the reviews on Top Mud Sites. 90% of them of misleading. People post reviews everyday about the same exact MUD with all the same exact things. "We've got 3 tiers of level 101 and we have good roleplay." Whoop de do! What type of roleplay is it? What's it based on? What kind of combat system is it?

Personally, I feel that before any review is posted onto the web site, they should be approved by an administrator. If there are six of them for the same MUD, approve one of them and delete the others.

The Reviews at the moment of a waste of space.
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