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this is beyond retarded. i have apologized, and cut down my posting quite considerably, yet i am still referred to as a "careless spammer" and i'm still getting flamed. i met the "demands" set down by the high and mighty dulan, and yet he starts out the flame post by insulting me. (if you want "fellatio" try hollywood blvd.) anyways, i am tired of being treated like crap for something i have tried to correct, and seth was right about the grouping, and about apologizing not working. you are the ones who should learn manners, and i don't feel like trying to teach you, because you don't even realize you're doing something wrong. basically, i'm fed up with the hostile attitude of most of the "community" on these forums, so i'm leaving (and i'm sure a specific group of you are happy right now). the crap has crossed the line of tolerabilty, and i don't want to waste my time with it anymore.

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This thread could probably do with deletion.
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I think you missed the point of my bringing you up, Likita.  Try reading it a little more closely in that thread.  You WERE spamming; however, you were spamming in an appropriate ( to me, being as its a bar ) forum for said spamming.. therefore being careless ( Perhaps faultless would have been a better word... I'll go change it. )...

Edit- Oh, and I sure am not part of Dulan, Orion, and Kavir's group... even if it does exist... about the only thing I agree on with any of them is KaVir with most of his copyright opinions... the only reason I don't still put a full signature down below my posts is because I no longer run the mud in question.

Darrik Vequir
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