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With the formation of the Rod of Destruction, the humans ripped apart the Nameless One sending surges of power through the world as Toroid, Irrail, and Ytrewtsu were formed. Ytrewtsu hand-picked the strongest and smartest of the elves and sent them below to escape the harshness of the light. He named these Drow.

As the Drow society evolved, there were many wars as the light fey sought to destroy the dark elves. When Drow would venture to the surface for needed supplies or simply to hunt they would be killed on sight without mercy or quarter. This created in the Drow a deep-seated hatred for all things of the light, most specifically elves.

Deep in the depths of the underground, the goddess Jirah was created through a resurrection ritual and the magic from a Splinter of the Rod. Under Jirah, the Drow continued to developed their Matriarchal society becoming more adept in the manipulation of shadow and element. Many noble houses rose from the chaos, named their own Mistresses, and proceeded to pass on their traditions generation to generation. While the females learned guile, manipulation, and the handling of power, the males grew warlike and vicious in trying to please the women. The best of the males were dubbed Drone and became highly sought after.

The houses waged war for the favor of Jirah, and to be the First house. This was most often done in secret, due to strict laws prohibiting open warfare between houses. This frequently involved stealing of Drones by other Mistresses and assassinations of the ruling members of a house.

After the death of the Matron Mother of House Fra'lin, a young Drow Mistress called Oriena came to the surface to gather for herself a patron, warriors, and slaves, all the while keeping favor of the Goddess. As her family grew, a struggle of power between herself and the Shadow Mistress of Sophism motivated her to build a new house on the surface. She called it Veldrin, House of Shadows.

The Drow have controlled the underworld for centuries, but the time has come for them to claim the surface world as their own. It is time to bring their traditions to the surface dwellers and bring nations to their knees. Now is the time for the blades of the Veldrin to be sheathed in the bodies of their enemies, washed in their blood, and sanctified by the will of the Goddess.

**The following is a brief history of a new clan formation in the world of Tharel. Come visit us at Adventures Unlimited to become part of the fantastic roleplay community. Choose to become part of the Veldrin or one of the factions that oppose them.**
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