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The Sea of Storms: The Ravaged South

The Plains of Maredo Ablaze
To the South, word of the Plains of Maredo burning to ash comes with Refugees.
They can already be seen within the Foregate and even within the city of
Cairhien. A black haze has also appeared to the south. It grows darker by the
hour, and some say moves closer with each day. The city of Cairhien has
deployed more guards to keep order within the city. There is still no word
as to who is responsible. Many blame Illian, some Tear. However some of the
refugees claim the fire had a life of it's own and chased them from their
homes when they fled.

Political Murder
The Council of Illian is outraged at Tear for sending assassins to
kill Lord Landall. Rumor says that he was poisoned by a Tairen agent
during a dinner with a foreign lord. They call for the agent
responsible and reparations for the death of a member of the Council
of Nine. They warn that until such times as the Tairen's admit to
their foul deed that a blockade of the city will be in effect.

War breaks out in the south!
Peasants from the countryside of Tear and Illian flee to their
capitals, as the calls for war come. The army of Tear sent to
the border to intimidate the Illians has vanished with nothing
but a blood soaked field remaining. With this obvious assault
on their men within their borders the Tairen's have declared
war on Illian. The ships in the blockaded harbor of Tear arm for
war while the citizens volunteer en mass to accompany the soldiers
into battle. In Illian the hatred of the lying Tairen's grows
to a boiling point and every merchant captain willing is sent
to strength the blockade and the armies of the High Lords of Tear
are assembled for battle.

The Sea of Storms awaits [avg player count is 5 mortals and 3 imms] summer is often a rough time since the staff goes on vacation or visits family however we're hoping to reach our 20 avg again within the next month. Come join the adventure!

The Sea of Storms - The Sea of Storms: A Wheel of Time MUD
The Mud - PORT 7070

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