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Come try End of Time! JRPG based, feature rich, huge world!

End of Time is a JRPG themed, ROM based MUD that has been online since 2006. We aim to evoke a feeling of the JRPGs of the 90s and 00s, with most of our world/lore drawing from the Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger games (familiarity with these games are in no way required or particularly helpful to play, enjoy, and understand EoT).

Our website is super basic, but has more detail:

The game can be connected via : 4000

• 175+ areas with over 15k rooms with a 1000 x 800 overworld map (and other maps available too)

• Small playerbase with seasonal fluctuations; things are a bit quiet right now, but tends to peak between 3pm and 7pm CST

• RP Accepted. There are numerous tools and plenty of backstory and lore

• PVE focused. PVP is possible, just generally non existent (looting is mutual opt-in)

• Mostly adults play, with a desired age rating of PG-13

• Game is level and skill based

• Equipment saved, extra storage available for exceeding carry/weight limits

• Combat is ATB (active time battle) inspired, with high unique skill systems and combinations

• Magic is completely unique with quite a bit of depth, with the ability to modify or even combine spells mid cast

• Towns have optional mini map to help with navigation; maps for select dungeons available

• 4 starting classes that “upgrade” according to a class tree at level 50. Once we raise the level cap past 80, another branching choice will be available

• Highly customizable characters, from the (optional) detailed character creation to a capless stat system, no two characters are very much alike

• No-Death pets that save, level up, and assist in combat.

• Robust mob scripting and quest features that allow us to write quests that are indistinguishable from what you might encounter in a JRPG, including quest tracking, progress and completion saving. Our quest journal system is also being added to existing quests and will feature in any new ones added. • Unique dialogue for nearly every “citizen” type mob in the game, ranging from revealing lore about the world, giving quests, hinting at hidden or powerful things in the game, etc.

• Racial templates that overlay your existing race to transform characters into something else, such as Vampires, Lycanthropes, and Unsent

• JRPG/Final Fantasy staples such as fully customizable limit breaks, chocobo training/riding/race, Triple Triad card game, victory dances, and more!

• Wait/Cooldown system for governing skill use instead of issuing lag time. A player can always have something to do in combat instead of watching text scroll, waiting for their lag time to end.

• Several quest systems that are staff triggered, such as combat arenas, freeze tag, battle royale, and others.

There are so many original and unique things about the game, its difficult to pick which ones and how much to list.

For those new to the game, it is suggested to follow the “EoT Newbie” route when starting the game, as this will skip over the basic MUD tutorial and only address things unique to EoT or things that differ from Stock. From there, there are several self contained areas located in various portals beyond the tutorial that are suited for low level characters, both granting helpful low level equipment along with introducing other concepts better seen in action than in a traditional tutorial format.

Our numbers are low, on both the player and staff side, but I’m highly dedicated (well over 75 of the areas on the game I built, and all of the code changes over the last 6 years) and almost always working on something behind the scenes.

My name is “Diablos” in the game, although during work hours I’m usually connected as “Diabtoo”. I hope to see some new faces in the game, and please don’t let a fairly empty who-list discourage you, there are usually people filtering in and out throughout the day, and the game is always being updated and developed. : 4000

Even when there isn’t activity on the game, our discord server tends to be pretty good about getting replies to questions and even just idle chat, so anyone checking out the game is welcome to pop in there too.
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