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Damarius is on a distinguished road
Arrant Destiny is a role-playing MUD based on the World
of Greyhawk, my Lords Nerull and Boccob have sent me to tell
you about Arrant Destiny.

During the spring of 1995 Nerull and Boccob created our
Greyhawk themed MUD. Ever since then, we have been working hard
on a modified Envy 2.0. It now has these features:

* 12 Classes, all classes now resemble their AD&D orgin.
* Ranger, Paladin, Anti Paladin, Priest, Psion, Mage, Thief, Warrior, Druid,
* Many Races to select from, each with unique special abilities.
(corpse eating, forest sneaking, magic resistance)
* Priests/Druids/Rangers/Paladins have to pray for their spells.
* Mages use spellbooks and must memorize a spell in order to cast them.
* Players start in many different home cities with their own justice system.
to limit pkilling within city boarders.
* Mobs and players can use bows, spears, and slings to shoot projectiles.
* Mob Programs and Object Programs as well as a new money system.
* New wear locationes, New Spells, No level restrictions
on equipment. No stock areas.

So come and show how good a role-player you are. And see if you can
take charge of your DESTINY.

If you would like to play Arrant Destiny now, telnet to port 9999
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Join Date: Dec 2003
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Damarius is on a distinguished road
We welcome your opion so if you try us please leave us a comment here.
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