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An introduction

Hey guys im Jeff. I started playing muds back in high school. I started off playing The secrets of Atlas. Im not sure if anyone else here played it. I recently rediscovered my love of muds and wanted to start up again with something similar. Thanks for having me here. I hope to find a mud home soon.
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Re: An introduction

Welcome back, Jeff. There's a lot of good muds out there now, and one of the best ways to find populated muds is to check out the web site. As far as I know, it's the only site that has reliable data about the number of active players, and it's a good way of finding a place that's just the right size for you.

That said, we'd love to have you at Alter Aeon. The game is fully multiclass, but you have to choose which classes to get in what order to customize your character and unlock the skill sets you want. Some people become generalists with spells and skills from all classes, while others use the practices from other classes to focus on single class skills. The game theme is fantasy based, with swords and sorcery, dragons and trolls, gods and demons.

There's a ton of features and things to do:

- over 300 custom fully original areas, unique to Alter Aeon
- number of players ranges between 40 and 90, with peaks over 100 for special events
- clans and clan owned areas and equipment
- players can create their own communication channels
- optional pk, including temporary registration, arenas, clan wars, etc
- in game mudmail
- auction system and player-run shops, searchable on the web
- instancing, to reduce contention in popular areas
- over 300 learnable spells and skills spread across five major classes
- achievements
- player account system for keeping track of multis and managing passwords
- quests of all different kinds, some long, some short

And last but not least, we have an awesome custom client with built in sound, maps, health bars, group bars, and other features.

We hope to see you there!


Alter Aeon MUD
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Re: An introduction

Welcome back, Nighteyes.

If you're in the mood for something more 21st century, check out Bedlam MUD / MMORPG.
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