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Old 01-07-2004, 04:54 PM   #1
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The first time I got into mudding, was at a library, where a few friends of mine were "on this silly text game" it was telnet, with a white background and black text. I was sickened, by the appearance, sadly enough, but eventually I started playing. These friends of mine were Caesar and Rathi (Implementors of a past-flourishing mud called Anime Planet). I kept mudding afterschool, eventually we became one of the to players on a mud called Evangelion 3rd Impact (Now known as Anime Nation X - ANX). After some time, we decided to create our own mud. Being as I was in 6th grade, and they were 8th/7th graders, "They got to be the Imps", and eventually they kicked me out. This basically started my mudding addiciton.

After that I moved from the area. Over here, I quickly made friends in school and a lot of them mudded on a place called Devil's Silence. I became one of the top players on there too, known as: Kitana and Miaka. Finally one time around I started getting interested in the Wheel of Time, and quickly went to a mud called Age of Legends (AoL) and from there went to Shadows of Time (SoT). I played there for quite some time, and afterwards I quit mudding altogether.

It was a year or so before I got back into mudding from playing Age of Empires (Microsoft Game) way too much. I had already made a mud of my own before, but it died out. This time, I tried making a RoT 1.4 mud similar to that of Devil's Silence, it ran pretty well averaging 20+ players on at once, but I wanted to create a mud similar to Shadows of Time. Well what do you know, now I have my own mud, it has sprouted from the mud called Shadows of Time, and it is based off the Wheel of Time. Basically, I just wanted to let people know how I got into mudding myself, sometimes it's interesting to look back at your mudding history .

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I was first introduced to MUD text based games back in 98 when a now ex fiance who was with Naval Intelligence got me started on it. And of all things it was the game called DragonRealms. Before that I just RPd in chat rooms being parts of a clan there.

Well needless to say DragonRealms seems to be going all to #### with all the needless changes, they are getting alot of unhappy and dissatisfied customers now. Then come to find out they are being investigated by the FBI for fraud. And yes, I do have the proof.

What I would like to do is start a MUD text based game.
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I got into mudding when my mom brought home a book called 'internet activities for kids.'  This was soon after we got the internet for the first time.  It mentioned muds and to go to yahoo or something to get a list of muds available.  I don't remember what the first mud my brother and I played, but it went down.  Later on, when we were at my mother's office a year or so later we decided to try and find a mud again.  My brother started at the bottom of the list, and I started at the top.  I found aardwolf pretty quick. ;)  I showed it to him and we decided that would be where we played.  I still play there, almost 5 years later, although he has long since moved on to things with pictures.  Trips to the past are always interesting.
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Home MUD: Advent of the Mists
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I first got into MUD's in 2001, an ex-friend of mine had introduced them to me, and I played the same MUD for about a year and a half.  But it eventually drove off a bunch of players, including myself, due to a horrible admin, and I've been working on my own ever since while dabbling in a few others.

I had already roleplayed for several years though, mostly on AOL (*cringe*) playing Vampire: The Masquerade.  I ran an  e-zine type thing for White Wolf for a while (, but let it die out due to lack of interest.

Short and sweet
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I got into MUDs through a graphical talker called Furcadia. My brother got it when we first got a computer good enough to use the net, in 1998 (Up till then we were running a 486 with 8 megs of ram and DOS. Freaky-old when I look at it now). He quickly grew disintrested, as it didn't have a set combat system, or any other systems really, but I'm still playing it, though mostly for laughs now. Anyways, I heard of MUDs through that in 1999, and got interested enough to try them out. Of course, I used telnet, and logged into a place where I was the only player, so naturally I was a bit disinterested. Still, I saw the potential for an environment written rather than drawn, as I've always been a fan of words, so I tried a few more MUDs. Then I downloaded GMud, which was of course a great improvement. Two muds later, I encountered Daedal Macabre. They were good to me, I liked the atmosphere and the spirit of the place, as well as the players, but I got interested in game design right about then and left for about a year. When I came back, I was more mature, and I developed the Gred persona. My experiences with him there finally hooked me into MUDing, I believe permanently.
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Hmm, I got into MUDs at Uni when a load of people there also played 1995!

I have occasionally played other muds (Vampirewars and Vikingmud I got to quite high levels on) but none of them was as good so I kept ending up back on Zeb.
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