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Hello everyone

Hy guys ,i am new here and well don't know where to post it so here goes....i am a pretty new mud player,just started playing them about 3 months ago ,but I am unable to find a mud I can stay on,,,i have changed about 30 muds,the one I was close to settling was achaea,but had to leave bcoz I couldn't find the right class,i am looking for a fantasy mud with great class system, with role playing,and summnor classes,also permission for classes like necromamcer to side with good (optional) ,,if anyone can siggest me one like this I will be very grateful...
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Re: Hello everyone

Hello Raone.

Glad to have you part of the mudding community! Indeed, finding a mud that suits you is the hardest challenge. Though, from what you are looking for there, I might suggest giving Avalon a try.

It is the MUD I am currently obsessed with, and it has nine professions with a guild for each of them based in four great cities. Roleplay is encouraged amongst all players, though there are some players that struggle with it. So if you love to roleplay, then you'd definitely be welcome.

The Guild I am Master over is the Sorcerers guild (a.k.a Necromancers, but we hate the Necromancers for being... mudbloods). We have a demonic alignment, and can summon demons into our entourage to fight for us, and raise the dead into vampire slaves. Though if you must lean towards a "good" alignment, the Necromancers guild is the preferable path for your less tainted soul...

'Tis is a pleasure to meet you, and hope you stick around!
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Re: Hello everyone

My MUD, End of Time, basically fits your criteria.

We are based on the worlds of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, so there is certainly a heavy fantasy element throughout the game. It is important to note that familiarity with those games is in no way necessary to understand, enjoy, or effectively play the game.

We are an RP Heavily Encouraged game and it is my hope to build a strong and healthy RP community that helps keep the game thriving.

Our class system is based on a "promotion" system, where you start off as one class, then have the option to "promote" into specialized versions. The division is based on a light/dark or order/chaos type of system, so there is no inherent "good" or "evil" built into the classes themselves.

The Mage class branch goes:

        White Wizard ->  White Wizard
      /                \
    /                    Sage
Mage -> AdvancedMage ->  Master Mage
    \                    Sorcerer
      \                /  
        Black Wizard ->  Black Wizard
The first promotion (White/Black/Advanced) comes at level 50. The second promotion comes at level 80, although currently we are capped at level 65 (although the level cap will be raised to 80 before the end of the year).

For the classes you are looking for, the Mage class would be the direction you'd likely want to take.

True to the games we are based off of, Mages can gain powerful summons by finding and defeating the legendary beasts. You start off with one for free, and before promotion, you have 5 others you can defeat to call to your aid. Our Mage class very much doubles as a Summoner. Upon promotion, you gain another for free and have several others you can learn (although at this point, the ones you can learn are dictated based on which class you promoted into).

Taking this even further, however, is if you promote to Black Wizard, you have the "caller" ability available to you, and if you learn it, you gain a skill set specific to gaining a greater control over the summons when you call them, including being able to cause them to stick around longer in a defensive position to tank for the character, being able to have them do their big summon attack immediately upon being called, being able to dismiss them at will, among others.

And while the final tier of classes aren't currently available, the "Magus" promotion from Black Wizard is, in effect, our Necromancer class. In addition to commanding the darkest magic in the game, they will be able to manipulate the dead, even raising them to serve them as pets.

Again, there is no "good" or "evil" distinction on these either, while going this route will certainly label your character "dark" or "chaotic", you are welcome and free to use these dark and chaotic forces in the service of good.

Our playerbase (and thus the roleplay) is a bit thin at the moment, but we are driving hard to try to drive up our numbers and get roleplay started.

If you think we might be what you are looking for, feel free to check us out at: port 4000
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Re: Hello everyone

Alter Aeon isn't a roleplay-enforced game, but it does have an awesome class system with necromancers and other summoner skills. Several of the base classes can summon or call minions, and you can have good aligned necromancers as well as evil aligned druids. If you're interested in checking it out, we'd love to have you!


Alter Aeon MUD
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Smile Re: Hello everyone

Hy,for the muds with no alighnment,i actually like allighnment ,just want to have class which can start with any allighnment or at least become good after something though I will certainly try the muds,thanks for the advices
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Re: Hello everyone

I'll throw in my agreement with Belgarath about Avalon.

If you're looking for something where any class can be good and be the best or whatever (depending on what you're after of course), then that fits the bill in Avalon.

The uniqueness to some extent there is that it isn't purely based on your level, but on your skills and above all else, your personal skill and drive to improve. So while someone with huge skill levels will have a big advantage over someone with lower, there won't be anything like super one shot damage because of it or things like that.

It also means that low skills but higher skill versus high skills but lower skill means that you can genuinely have a shot at beating someone in a fight that's bigger than you but less talented. Something in my experience few if any other MUDs can boast.
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