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Question Abstract MUD?

Hello TMS, this is my first post on this forum, but the following text has been posted on and on
The reason why i am posting this on several forums is to raise the awareness of this particular issue.


So, I have been playing MUDs for 3-4 years now. Ive played MUDs including : Armageddon, Ateraan, Achaea, Threshold etc.(All the big names)
and ive also played some of the lesser known for experimenting purposes and thanks to my curiousity.
One which is "Coffee MUD" which i found VERY interesting and enjoyable. Though, it was only me online (All the time).

Anyway, what ive played isnt so important really.

I woke up this morning with an idea, which might seem crazy and unlogical for some, but to me very reasonable.

Not very long ago i played a few "Interactive Fictions" and stumbled upon a partiular one, which was very abstract in its story-telling. This has been the most intriguing way to play
text games for me. Since sometimes, logical paths to a goal, is too stupid and unsatisfying.

Perhaps, the reason why these type of game mechanics have not been converted to MUDs is because they "DONT WORK".
But I am still eager to know if this is true or not.

To make things clear again..
What i want to know is if an "Abstract" MUD is possible to script and design. I know what youre thinking. Why? Mudding is surely about immersive fantasy worlds and such?
But, if an abstract MUD existed im convinced that the player satisfaction would be much much higher than that of a popular and plain MUD.
So to make things even clearer.
  • Abstract MUD - Possible or not?
  • If possible, Is there an audience for it?
  • If not, what can be done to try to achieve it alteast.
  • Would i get help?.
Even this post is slightly abstract, But maybe it is meant to be. Maybe you abstract thinkers out there can make something out of this mess and understand my important message.
With enough feedback i could explain how this is beneficial to the MUD culture and future MUDs.

Further notes : I have indeed received enough feedback to support my idea. That means that i am as im typing this, in progress of designing and making a mind map of a MUD concept.
When finished i will publish it on the forums together with personal notes of course.

I would love if you could (even if its only a sentance or so) reply to this thread and share your thoughts.

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Re: Abstract MUD?

Could you elaborate on what an abstract mud is?
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Re: Abstract MUD?

He had explained in the other thread.

Originally Posted by Otviss
Abstraction is the ultimate form of creativity. And is also a mayor playground for innovative humor.

So for example, in this ADRIFT program the tutorial was to recreate a simple scenario where you play as Jack, that plants a magic bean and climbs a bean stalk. Now i added my own descriptions and actions to this scenario and the output could be similar to this :

Plant Bean - (output):Fernando my dear, you planted it, may there breed falcon as we could know from the beginning you brought shame on that patch. Blue, Blue, Cruel. Protect what is that bird, a falcon dives towards you, grabbing your wig and says:"Congrats".
Originally Posted by Idealiad
I think you mean 'surreal' instead of 'abstract'?
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Re: Abstract MUD?

Originally Posted by ForgottenMUD View Post
He had explained in the other thread.
Thanks for that. With 37000 views i am still waiting for emails. Or at least someone contacting me about their interest.

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