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Mangan's Intro

I don't think I posted here when I first joined the forums, some time ago, but I never posted much anywhere.

Anyways, I am Mangan from Mordor (the MUD, derived from Merc, not from the Mordor codebase). I am now an Admin there, under the character Suland, as well as a coder and designer. I also build, but by no means is it my main job. I generally like to build with others who enjoy building in itself, and then I do mprogs/scripting/etc. to make the area really come to life (not to mention all the mini-quests inside the areas).

I've been an active mudder since 1996, always at Mordor (although I was kicked out of beta testing since it was my first mud and I had 0 qualifications, so I began playing in January 1997 when it opened). My first job as an immortal was offered to me at DRM (Death Rising Mud). It was released with some of my *first* areas where I was learning to build. My 15+ advanced (in terms of quality, not level) areas are now probably gone forever though. I then worked on DRM2 as well, and when it died the codebase was given to a mortal that had an interest in continuing it on another server. I then worked there, at DRM3, later renamed to Angel's Bliss (I think..) as a coder. Again, the owner gave up on it, so the other coder and I opened up our own MUD with the codebase called Dragon's of the Night, once the owner of AB decided to shutdown and stop being admin. The code was amazing, as were the areas, until I let a friend attempt to code in multiclassing for us. He became busy when it was 50% done, and I had done to much work to want to go back to a previous backup before he starting the multiclassing code, so I took the opportunity to step away from the MUD community. A year later, on one of my tri-monthly checkups at Mordor (which I player at consistantly through all my time as an IMM elsewhere), I got into a conversation with the owner which I had known for years and ended the conversation as the newest Mordor Coder, which has been a far greater experience than coding for MUDs that had not yet opened. Since that conversation, which I believe was in the fall of 2006, I have done quite a few major coding projects as well as a race overhaul, automatic recreating code, and class balancing (we all love this one, don't we?).

I think that's more than enough info for a 'simple background', and I'd be surprised if anyone is still reading this far down. Glad to be here.

P.S. - Anyone that saw my previous posts about not being able to contact the webmaster: I do not believe the thread I created exists anymore, which could be because 1 of 2 things. i) I changed the email my account is connected to. ii) I was able to get in contact with the webmaster, and it is only appropriate that (possible interpreted) negative postings about the webmaster/staff did not need to be hanging around since the issue was solved. (And there were RL circumstances surrounding some details of the event, that I completely understood and by no means hold against them. )
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Re: Mangan's Intro

Originally Posted by Mangan View Post
...I think that's more than enough info for a 'simple background', and I'd be surprised if anyone is still reading this far down. Glad to be here.
I did, but WHEW it wasn't easy

Welcome and good to have such a robust background and experience in our midst.
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Re: Mangan's Intro

Hi Mangan, no attempt to censor the post - sorry if it came across that way.

Usually with a "request for help" thread you leave it there so other people see the answer too. As this was a fairly unique situation and resolved via email I figured it make sense to just clean up the post, that's all.

Great introduction btw!
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Mangan is on a distinguished road
Re: Mangan's Intro

Newworlds, thank you. Glad to be here.
Lasher, I agree 100%. No worries.
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