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Smile Greetings from a Blue Dragon

Hello, all!

I am new here, but not to mudding. I have been playing muds off and on since the mid-1990s. I've played a variety of muds, mostly either LP or Smaug based. I have played a number of muds, including DragonfireII, Ancient Anguish, 3Kingdoms, Aardwolf, and 6 Dragons. My personal preference has been to play creatures rather than anything human or humanoid
(though I have also played elves - such as an elf mage). I've mostly played wolves, cougars, and, recently, dragons . I have also come to prefer muds coded in Smaug as opposed to LP, as I really like such features as having equipment save through reboots. That endless quest for equipment at each reboot got old for me - although at one point I did enjoy the fun of landing that "unique" item by being the first on the mud to kill the needed mob that boot!

Lately, I've "landed" at 6 Dragons, where I play a blue dragon. Hence, my name here and my avatar. 6 Dragons is my new home.

I'm one of those possibly rare mud players, in that I'm a woman in real life.

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Re: Greetings from a Blue Dragon

WELCOME!! it seems you've played PK muds mostly, where less women participating understandably.

TMS definitely needs more players (not again builders or coders) as forum members such as you.
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