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Name: Sutex
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Sutex Eternal Darkness

Hi Just a gamer, fell across muds looking to play a online game use dial-up many moons ago. I had a 286 on the internet using Arachne a dos base graphic web browsers ,it was like herding a bunch of cats getting that box online, and was playing the first web based game call Earth 2025 if memory serve me. Anyhow during that time, discovered MUDS. What a discovery, I found Eternal Darkness 9700 and the first thing I liked was the ability to have 3 characters on a once. Really cool. that meant a Thief a Warrior and a Mage all working together , well I was hooked. That was around 2003. I was off line a number of years, while traveling overseas and general life gets in the way of game play stuff ,and my 3 characters where put in storage , not delete which was another great plus for ED. So now I am back into it, trying to get my scripts up to date with my new registered version of Zmud 721. Muds are cool I appricated the hard work that goes into the coding and the general maintenance of a working mud. So hat off to you all that bring this gaming medium through to, a poor connection and lousy PC...Well no so much now I upgraded So keep it simple for all those who don't have the newest or the brightest , and happy Muddling.

Ps ED in 2011 will have been going for 15 years ,, well done, a rare event!!
ED 9700 (updated 8th 0f August 2011)

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