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Another Year 350 addition in Achaea: Bookies! This follows up the addition of two new gods (Selene, the Goddess of Love and Beauty and Scarlatti, the God of the Arts, and a new event this morning, Foozling, and even hitting our online record of 678 simultaneous users!

This book making system allows you to fulfill your life-long dream of becoming a bookie or at least hanging out with bookies! Yes, you too can gamble yourself into soul-crushing debt like a pro.

In order to gain a bookmaker's license, you must go to the Delosian Bookmaker's guild, off the lottery office there. Then, you just BUY BOOKMAKING PERMIT ... assuming you have 200,000 gold on your person.

Command Syntaxes (For everybody)

 - List the ids of current games you're able to bet on.

 - Get a detailed summary of an ongoing game.

BET <x gold> ON <choice> IN <game id>
 - Places a bet for a specified amount of gold on a particular  
   choice in a particular game. When a winner is declared in
   the game you will, if you bet correctly, be paid off  
   according to the odds that were placed on that
   choice. For instance, if you bet 100 gold on something  
   that pays off at 3:2, your 100 gold goes away, then if you
   win you'll get back 150 gold.

 - THIS MAY NOT BE WHAT YOU EXPECT! Let's take another
   example: the odds are 5 to 4. You bet 4000 gold. Your
   4000 gold is taken away. Now you win. You are given 5000
   gold (minus fees and taxes, but let's just assumg you get
   the whole thing for now). You now have 1000 more gold
   than when you started. This is how the betting system

 - To place a bet for general Achaean events (not sponsored
   by one particular bookie) you must be in the Delosian
   Bookmaker's guild.

 - To bet for a particular bookie's event/book, you must be in
   the same location as the bookie.

 - Lists those with bookmaking permits.

For Bookies
Be very clear that every new game you create should always include
exactly one choice that will win. This is so important!

If you have an event with, say, 3 outcomes (the sun rises early,
the sun rises late, or the sun rises on time), and you only have
two options (early and late), then what happens in the other case?
What happens if the sun comes up exactly on time? You will not be
able to declare a winner, since there was no winner, and you will
have to close the game and refund everyone's money. This is not good
for you, o bookie!

So make sure that no matter what happens, you will be able to declare
a winner.  


- Creates a new game.

BOOK <id> TITLE <newtitle>
- Change or set the title of a game.

- Set a description of the game.

BOOK <id> FUND <gold>
- Invest some gold in a game. For every sovereign that a
  potential bettor can win you must invest one sovereign into
  the game.

BOOK <id> ODDS <choice> <larger chance> TO <smaller chance>
- Set the odds for <choice>.
  Example: BOOK 3 ODDS 2 10 TO 1
  You cannot change this once a game has been opened.

BOOK <id> ODDS <choice> REMOVE
- Remove a choice from a game.

- Begin taking bets on a game.

- Stop taking bets on a game.

BOOK <id> DECLARE <choice>
- Declare a particular choice a winner. When this happens, all
  winners and the bookie are paid what they're owed, minus
- Warning: Any attempt at cheating bettors will result,
  minimally, in loss of your bookmaker's permit. There's
  nothing worse than a dishonest bookie.

- Cancel the game. This will return all money to all parties
  involved and no fees will be assessed.

We've already got books going on everything from who will win the iPod for Year 350 to point spreads for the next city vs. city Capture the Flag. Better than Vegas!

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Why do you spam the boards, though?
You just posted the sword thing, it's still in the first page of posts in the promotions board (Not to mention you did 2 posts that last time)...

You'd expect someone from Achaea would have a little more respect.
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Old 11-24-2003, 11:51 AM   #3
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Thought I don't post on these boards, I've been reading them for well over a year, so pretty confindent that I know the dynamics between the different posters etc etc.

So hey, quit with the troll baiting already. Matt said he would no longer post here, and the only posts would be about events etc. on Achaea. Which is what he is doing. The lack of posts here, and the numerous events going on within Achaea, plus the baiting that's been done in reply to those posts all contribute to them staying on the recent posts section of the site.

If you don't agree with Matt, or don't like him, that's cool. But would be nice to at least respect him for sticking to his guns. That's my opinion anyway, as someone who doesn't, and prolly never will, play Achaea.

Feel free to reply with comments picking up on any typos, grammer errors, quote dispelling what I have said.... whatever gets you going. I won't reply, but I'll get drunk and read them all with glee
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Old 11-24-2003, 07:09 PM   #4
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Oh, no, I wasn't trying to flame him in any way... I was just pointing out that, well, 3 posts in the same page is a bit more than all the other games...

Sure, I can make a promise to tell about all my events and hold daily ones, heh, doesn't mean I'll post that many times, though.

Still, wasn't intended as a flame. I think Achaea's accomplishments are a goal to us all.
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Old 11-25-2003, 12:36 AM   #5
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Originally Posted by
So hey, quit with the troll baiting already.
I don't think he meant to flame... But, now that I think about it, don't posts like these belong under Announcements? Would be nice if a given mud only appeared in Advertising For Players once in a while, to give them all a chance at "prime" forum space.

Food for thought.
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