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Greetings Programs!

I wanted to take this time to post about the Mud Domain Intermud Communication Network. We believe in the principles of free speech, free expression, and of course, having fun! Got something on your mind? Need to vent? Have a question you need to ask? Just feel like chatting? Drop on by.

So Samson, what is IMC2 anyway?

IMC2 is a chat protocol which links several muds together in a network with each other. It operates more or less like an IRC network does, utilizing centralized servers to transmit information from one MUD to another. It allows them to have a common ground for discussing ideas, airing greivances, and just to mingle with their fellow community members. Players and staff are all welcome to join in and discuss anything they see fit to discuss.

So why not just write an IRC relay for my MUD instead?

There are actually some who have done this, but for the most part it isn't as practical as it sounds. There are certain aspects of IRC which are difficult to implement properly in MUDs and so the IMC2 protocol was designed to provide similar functionality in a better suited way for MUDs.

Does this require me to bind another port? I can't afford that!

While this was once true, it is no longer. None of the recent versions of the client code used to connect to the network require you to bind another listening port. So you don't have to worry about your hosting bill going up. Though you should still find out if it's alright to open outbound connections to other networks to be on the safe side.

So why should I choose you over some other network?

At Mud Domain, we believe in the value of free speech and expression. No healthy discussion can ever take place without these ideals. The members of Mud Domain are all treated as equals, from the newest of newbie players, to the most old-school of old geezer mudders, to the very core administration of the network itself. Members have respect for each other and as such we have no need for lengthy written policies. While some may find this odd, we have found that when everyone is treated fairly and equally, things just flow smoothly on their own. No member of Mud Domain is lesser than any other. As long as you aren't doing something to damage the integrity of the network infrastructure, you are free to express yourself as you see fit. We also strive to promote diversity among the population of codebases and muds who are members of the network. We feel this adds more to the pool of potential discussion and can only enhance our usefulness. Full membership is granted immediately upon connection, no need to fill out forms to connect.

Excellent! But doesn't this mean anyone can log on and cause havoc at will?

Of course not. Like any civilized society or organization, we do have things we won't tolerate. Usually this is limited to anything which could damage the network. The code being used has several methods in which to enforce action against individual users or even whole muds should the need arise, but thus far no such action has ever been required.

What kind of support can I expect if something goes wrong?

While we would hope nothing ever does, nothing is perfect. If something is preventing you from using some of the features of the network, feel free to ask and someone will probably have an answer. If you are unable to use the network at all, then there is a forum available to post your questions or other issues to. Someone will be able to answer your question very soon. The forum is also a great place to discuss development of independent clients with those who know the protocol best.

GREAT! I'm convinced. How do I join?

First you will need to find out if your codebase is compatible. While the code has been expanded to cover most Diku related bases, we have not reached everyone we'd like to yet, so you should check the Mud Domain webpage to see what is supported. Perhaps your codebase is derived from something close enough that adapting it would work. If it is not, then perhaps the protocol specs will be of use in writing a client to connect with.

Second, you'll need to get a connection to hook up with. A list of servers which are currently available can be found at: You need only plug the information for the server into your IMC2 code using whichever method is most convenient for you. Then configure your mud's information and connect! That's it! Welcome aboard!

Sweet. I'd like to find out more.

As of this writing, the most current Diku version of the IMC2 client is Freedom CL-1c.
The most current server version is Liberty SV-1.

For information about the Mud Domain Intermud Communication Network, go to:
Our client code, Freedom, is available on the download page:
There are also two LPC clients available.
One at
and the other at
Protocol specifications can be found here:

For a list of features for the Freedom version of IMC2:

We look forward to having you on board!
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