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Re: Male and Female Players: Are the experiences different?

Originally Posted by Kleothera View Post The Mud Connector - Mud and RPG game index, mudlist and reviews

Is a parallel thread on the experience of male and female newbies on MudConnector based on the experiences of one person who attempted to have a controlled experiment on how people react to male vs female presenting players in a range of different MUD types (PK, RP Enforced, hack and slash etc). The thread discussed levels of help, netsex (a LOT) and PK, before being derailed by a misogynic troll.

Wow read that and the original poster of the thread did hit the nail on the head with the initial attention a female gets while gaming. Though I dunno about his assesment of females who persue male gamers. Most of the females I know who game are like me married or in relationships. We just want to get on and escape a little bit. And there are quite a few of us who like making strong characters though I wont lie if I can make an elf in a game I will pick that over any other race first, Drow next. Doesnt mean they cant kick a butt or two I just learn to work around the games mechanics since most try to make elves frail. Its always fun to watch people let their guard down around my girls then kick their butts ^_^.

And that guy who derailed the thread didnt get to me, because what does it say about him having to repeately say what he said in the thread? hes obviously not hot himself or hed have better things to do then comment about females in a game thread. I love how people assume that you have to be ugly or fat as a woman to enjoy gaming. Its sad that in todays society where electronics and computers are a regular appliance in homes that there are still some men out there that believe females arent into gaming. But whatever their minds want to tell them.
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