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Cool While you were sleeping..

I'm looking for a new MUD to call home. I prefer RP muds and have been playing for over twenty years on a multitude of different codes and sites, always looking for something I could enjoy. The last two MUDs that I spent most of my time on have gotten far too inundated with OOC groups that bully their way into pushing the direction of RP into where they are mostly in control of the game play, and frankly, despite notifying admin, it doesn't change. I remember the old days when that wasn't tolerated on the games, and that's what I'm looking for. Do you know a place that doesn't revolve around small OOC groups, that enforces RP, and at least has a player base of ten (hah!). I don't mind experimental MUDs, because some of the best MUDs I've ever played were experimental ones back twenty years ago. I recall one that was a big city with hanging baskets on ropes that connected from rooftop to rooftop and sometimes you'd find gargoyles on those roofs. I think that was a Swedish fellow that put that together. No thanks to any games that offer "perks" or "artifacts" if you pay real coins. I'm looking for good storytelling, honest admin, dedicated players that do not engage in OOCness, and I'd like to avoid games that glamorize mudsex. I know there is a place out there somewhere.
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Re: While you were sleeping..

I would suggest the following Roleplaying games, however, bear in mind two of them I have not played for over 5 years. All four have their pros and cons:

1. Threshold RPG - This one is similar to Ateraan but has a different World and style of roleplay.
2. Armeggedon - This game is very harsh and intense. Permadeath and difficult learning curve, but serious roleplayers.
3. Aetolia, the Midnight Age - Serious roleplaying and enjoyable environment.
4. Lusternia - This is an IRE game but in my experience was the best of them as it was roleplay environment.

Hopefully this helps. I know there is another RPI out there that I liked but haven't played it for awhile so I'll get back to you on that one.

Good Luck!
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Re: While you were sleeping..

GemStone4 is an rp-enforced mud full of rp plots and events. Usually hundreds of players online... Playerbase stays mostly in-character and GMs manage rp events every now and then. OOC chat requires a third party installment and is not mandatory. It's free-to-play but after level 40 or so you should consider going pay-to-play to prevent disadvantages. %90 of the playerbase is p2p and on equal footing in that regard. Yes, there is a microtransaction shop. However, it doesn't effect gameplay so I wouldn't call it p2w. Plus, the Game is PvE-oriented. OOC chat is toxic at times but Simutronics and GMs don't play favourites which I call professionalism. If you're having trouble finding a place in muds among old timers, GS4 is the game for you.

Another mud to mention is Genesis. It's an lp mud which enforces roleplay. It's huge and completely free. Website browser allows you to roll a character within a few minutes. You don't have to download anything. Though I haven't played this one that much, my experience in Genesis was fun. Usually around 40-70 players online all the time.
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